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Weekly Dog Name: Rutger – August 16th, 2007

This week’s dog name is:


Rutger is a 10 year old Maltese who was rescued from a pet store nightmare and made a miraculous comeback. His nicknames are: Bo0Boo, MooMoo, Shmoo, RutgerMan, LittleMan, and Rutger Howler!

He loves to sit on anyone’s lap and steal the back of someone’s sandwich, as they are getting ready to take a bite!

Rutger says to NEVER Purchase pet supplies from stores that sell puppies! If we all stop going to these Pet Stores, then eventually they will go out of business, and so will the Puppy Mills.

Some stores work with their local humane societies by having animals in their stores that are up for adoption, and these are the places we need to support. Adoption is best, but if you want a “Registered Dog”, find a local breeder who can show you, or give you an address, where you can SEE BOTH parents of the puppy.

“Registered papers” in pet stores are FAKE! They are useless pieces of paper, with no value whatsoever! Don’t be fooled by paying hundreds, or thousands of dollars for what is probably an inbred puppy with lots of health problems!

To read more about Rutger and his survival story , please read his full bio at:



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