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GoPets Treadwheel Lets Your Dog Burn Off Extra Energy Inside – March 12th, 2012

By Amy Tokic

You may think that you’re looking at a hamster wheel, but this piece of exercise equipment is for your pooch.

The TreadWheel is available in a few different sizes, so there’s no excuse why dogs big and small can’t get in shape or burn off some extra energy. Forget about taking a walk in the rain, snow or extreme cold. Your dog can get in a few laps, all in the comfort of your living room. Of course, the TreadWheel isn’t meant to replace a proper walk; it’s just supposed to supplement your dog’s existing exercise routine.

The TreadWheel is made of stainless steel and runs on pure pooch power. It comes with a training door, a special cushioned running mat and special resistance settings. Another great thing about the TreadWheel is that it’s easy to clean… just in case of accidents.

The TreadWheel starts at around $475 and is available at GoPets.


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