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Top 5 Dogs for People with Allergies – April 21st, 2015

If you or a family member is allergic to dogs there are breeds that you can own so you do not have to be deprived of the tender love and affection that a dog brings into you and your family’s lives. There are several dogs to choose from that produce less dander and shed a very small amount because there is no dog breed that has been found to truly be non-allergenic.

  1. Bichon Frise and Labradoodle: These dogs are highly recommended for people with dog allergies. Producing little dander the curly coat of the Bichon Frise makes them a good choice. These dogs have coats that are maintained easily. Labradoodles are ones with wool coats that as in other breeds may not pick up many outdoor allergens.
  2. Maltese: These dogs are small, intelligent, energetic and refined dogs. These dogs have coats that are flowing and long and routine grooming is a necessity, but shedding is a small amount. Haircuts are in need every few weeks and they should be brushed every one to two days.
  3. Chinese Crested Hairless: Chinese mariners sailed with this breed and they evolved from African hairless dog on the ship. Chinese dogs were stowed aboard ships to hunt vermin during the time of Chinese plagues. These dogs crave human companionship and are a fine-boned elegant toy dog. These dogs are caring companions, alert and playful. You’ll find this breed to be a great dog for the whole family and gentle with children. They have long, silky and soft hair that grows on their tail, feet and head. Their skin is smooth, soft and hairless on the rest of their body. Their hair sheds very little that they do have and it grows long so grooming is needed regularly.
  4. Portuguese Water Dog: These dogs are water loving, lively and loyal. They often make people laugh because they are amusing, animated, fun to be around and spirited. Your family will enjoy how affectionate they are. They will remain calm as long as they have exercise. They get along with other dogs and pets easily, and are even and pleasant tempered and are great with children, and highly intelligent and easy to train, keenly aware, brave and quick to understand and learn instructions. If you are not able to be in the same room because of the severity of your allergy, these dogs are able to live outside. They have webbed feet which aids the dog in swimming, and a waterproof coat. They are happy outdoors as well as indoors as long as they have room to play, fresh water, food and a good shelter.
  5. Standard Poodle: These dogs excel in obedience training and are very smart and active. This breed is a water retriever and originated in Germany. Hunters designed the “Poodle Clip” so it would help them swim efficiently through the water. Their vital organs and joints need protection because they are susceptible to cold is why the patches of hair are left on the body. These dogs have a long hair- growth cycle that limits shedding making their coat hypoallergenic. Keeping their hair from detaching and floating in the air, their coat is lacking an undercoat and is tightly curled. They need grooming on a regular basis because of their fast growing hair.

It may take some careful research to find the best breed of dog for your allergy, but it will be worth every moment of your time. Minimizing exposure to dander and other allergens gives you the opportunity to enjoy the special relationship you will gain with your dog. Making a dog your family member will give you unconditional love and so much happiness.

Photo credit: Yolanda/Flickr

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