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5 Most Common Health Issues in Dogs – September 24th, 2015

5 Most Common Health Issues in DogsYour dog is an important part of your family that has health issues on occasion. There are a variety of common health issues such as ear infections, obesity, heartworms, kennel cough and dental disease that arise in dogs on a frequent basis. As a dog owner you will want to learn more about these issues and know what to look for so that you can either prevent or treat the issue immediately.

  • Ear Infections – If you notice your dog shaking his or her head from side to side on a frequent basis, scratching, whining, odor coming from the ears or redness and brown discharge in the inner ear area, an ear infection is most likely the source of these symptoms. You will want to contact the veterinarian to make an appointment. Allow the veterinarian to clean and treat your dog’s ears. Most-likely the veterinarian will give you follow-up instructions on how to care for your dog.
  • Obesity – Your dog being overweight is a serious issue. It can cause a variety of health issues and even shorten his or her lifespan. If your dog is overweight for his breed you will want to provide a healthy diet and limit the amount of treats that are provided on a daily basis. If your dog is already eating healthy and he or she is still gaining weight. Speak to your veterinarian regarding their diet and inquire about any health issues that may be causing the weight gain.
  • Heartworms – Heartworms are a serious disease that can lead to death. Parasites infect your dog’s arteries and heart causing large worms to develop and negatively affect your dog’s health. You can easily prevent heart worms in your dog by providing preventative medications provided by a licensed veterinarian.
  • Kennel Cough – Kennel cough is known as a form of bronchitis and cause your dog’s windpipe and voice to become inflamed. If you notice your dog coughing frequently and it does not lessen throughout the day, he or she may have Kennel cough. Usually treatment of antibiotics is required to recover from this health issue.
  • Dental Disease – Gum disease can happen to dogs just like humans. Neglected gums and teeth can become inflamed and infected with bacteria causing your dog’s gums to be red. Rotting and loose teeth are also common dental ailments that affect dogs.

Keeping a close eye on your dog’s health is recommended and essential to the overall well being of your dog. Any unusual behavior or physical signs should be reported to the veterinarian immediately. At times symptoms can mask a more serious issue or some signs can prove to be an important alert of internal health issues. If your dog has health issues that go untreated and overlooked, the severity of the problem can develop into serious condition that is difficult to treat. As a dog owner you will want to provide proper health care throughout your dog’s lifetime by becoming familiar with your dog’s habits and physical looks. This makes it easier to notice that something is different at first glance.

Photo credit: Andrew Thorne/Flickr

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