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Top 10 Cute Male Puppy Names from Movies and TV – November 23rd, 2016

male-puppy-names-tv-moviesPicking a name for your dog is no easy task. You want to choose something that suits his personality but you also want it to stand out. To give you some ideas, think about the characters from your favorite movies and television shows for inspiration!

  1. Tyrion – This name comes from the book series Game of Thrones which was turned into a television series. Tyrion Lannister is one of the main characters and he is known for his intelligence and cunning, though he is lacking in the height department.
  2. Edward – Inspired by the Twilight movie trilogy, Edward is one of the main characters and he is a vampire. Edward is sullen and mysterious though he has a fierce sense of devotion to the ones he loves.
  3. Shadow – This name is inspired by the movie Homeward Bound in which a trio of unlucky pets gets separated from their family and must make the long journey home on their own. Shadow is the name of the elderly Golden Retriever in the film who is always the voice of reason.
  4. Otis – Inspired by one of the two main characters from the film, The Adventures of Milo and Otis, Otis is a Pug who befriends a small orange tabby kitten. Together, the two go off on great adventures through the wilderness, conquering each challenge they face together.
  5. Yoda – The great Yoda is a character from the Star Wars trilogy and though he may be small and old, he is full of great wisdom. This name would be perfect for a small-breed dog who acts tougher than he looks or for a dog that has an old soul.
  6. Odie – Inspired by the goofy beagle character in the Garfield comics and television show, Odie is the perfect name for a silly dog who seems to always be getting himself into trouble. Though he may not be the smartest dog around, he is friendly and fun-loving as can be.
  7. Ace – This name comes from the Batman comics and television series – Ace is also known as the Bat-Hound and he is the loyal companion of Batman. Ace was originally a German Shepherd but he has been depicted in a variety of ways over the years.
  8. Rocky – If you have a dog who simply will not back down or give up, the name Rocky might be fitting. Rocky is the name of the great boxer in the Rocky films who defeats the odds and becomes a champion.
  9. Hooch – The canine partner of detective Turner in the film Turner and Hooch, Hooch is a slobbery but lovable dog who seems to cause more problems than he solves. Still, as much trouble as he gets into, he is Detective Turner’s most loyal friend.
  10. Shiloh – This is the name of the beagle from the Shiloh book series which was also made into a movie. Shiloh was an abandoned beagle who befriended a young boy and the pair quickly became inseparable.

When it comes to choosing a dog name, you need to think carefully because it will go with your dog for the rest of his life. For a timeless name that you will never get sick of, consider one of the top ten male puppy names inspired by television and movies as listed above.

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