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Top 10 Names for Black Dogs – December 6th, 2017

When it comes to choosing a name for your dog, there are many different ways you could go. You could choose a name that fits your dog’s breed or one that speaks to his personality – you could also go with a traditional dog name or even a family name. Another way to choose the perfect name for your dog is to go with something that matches his physical characteristics – here are our top ten picks in names for black dogs:

  1. Adham – This is a male Arabic name that comes from the Arabic word for “black”. The English name Adam comes from the Hebrew word for man, another reason why this is a good name for a male dog.
  2. Bear – Inspired by the mighty black bear, this name would be particularly fitting if your dog is large and furry. This name might also be fitting if your black dog is a gentle giant.
  3. Jetta – Though it is also the name of a car model, Jetta is also a name that translates from the Latin for “jet black”. Jet is also a type of dense, black coal that can be polished and used to make jewelry.
  4. Cerin – This name comes from the Gaelic for “little dark one” so it might be a good name for a small breed dog that is black in color.
  5. Obsidian – Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass that forms when lava is quickly cooled and it is known for its rich black color. If you have a black dog who doesn’t have a hint of white or color in his coat, Obsidian might be the perfect name.
  6. Inky – The implications of this name are obviously a reference to black ink. If your dog is black in color and his coat has a smooth, silky quality to it then Inky might be the perfect name.
  7. Kala – A wonderful name for a female black dog, the name Kala comes from the Hindi word for “black”. In the Hindu religion, Kala is also the god of time, though he is also the god of destiny, fate, and death.
  8. Leila – This name comes from the Arabic for “dark as night” and it would make a great name for a black female dog. It can also be translated to mean “dark beauty” in Persian.
  9. Midnight – This is the time of night when the world is dark and everything is quiet – it is also a great name for a black dog.
  10. Nero – This name comes from the Latin for “dark” or “black-haired,” making it the perfect name for your black dog. Nero is also the name of a Roman emperor who reigned from AD 54 to 68.

The perfect dog name is one that just seems to fit your dog. If you are having trouble picking a name that works, you might be thinking too hard – try something simple like the ten names above which are great for black dogs.

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