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10 Best Southern Names for Your Dog – March 9th, 2018

Whether you live in the South or come from Southern heritage, it’s important to respect your roots. Even if you’ve moved away or you don’t follow all of your old family traditions anymore, you can still respect your Southern heritage by giving your new dog a Southern name. Here are our top 10 picks for the best Southern-inspired dog names:

  1. Annabelle – The perfect name for your Southern belle, Annabelle comes from the Gaelic for joy or the Latin for beautiful. Give this name to your sweet and cuddly little girl puppy.
  2. Beau – Every Southern belle needs her beau, making this the perfect Southern-inspired name for your male puppy. Even better, this name comes from the French for handsome.
  3. Pepper – If you have a male puppy who has a bit of a kick to his personality, Pepper would be a great name. It comes from the German occupational name for a spicer but can also be used for a person with dark hair (or a dog with dark hair).
  4. Daisy – Nothing is sweeter than a pure white daisy and this name would be perfect for a little female puppy. It could also be a reference to Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazard.
  5. Biscuit – Nothing says Southern breakfast more than freshly baked buttermilk biscuits. If you’re looking for a unique Southern-inspired dog name, Biscuit is a great choice. It could also be a reference to dog treats!
  6. Harper – This name comes from the English word for a minstrel and it was particularly popular in the south during the 1800s. This name could also be a reference to Harper Lee, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird.
  7. Kentucky – There is nothing more Southern than naming your dog after one of the Southern states. It could also be a reference to fried chicken, your favorite Southern-style comfort food.
  8. Cobbler – A traditional Southern-style dessert, Cobbler would be a great name for either a male or female dog. This name is perfect for a dog with a sweet and sugary personality.
  9. Oscar – This name comes from the Norse meaning divine spear or God’s spear – it is also a popular male name in the South. Oscar could be a great name for a male puppy if you’re looking for something that has a Southern twang to it.
  10. Butter – A staple ingredient in many Southern recipes, this would be a fun and cheeky name for a male or female dog who has become a staple in your family and in your life.

There are a lot of things to love about the South, so take your time when considering the names on this list. If none of these feels quite right but you still want to give your dog a Southern-inspired name, spend some time thinking about your favorite comfort foods or your family traditions. If you take a little time to think, the perfect name might come to you!

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