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Top 10 Most Feminine Dog Names for a Female Puppy – April 17th, 2018

The perfect name isn’t something you just happen upon – it takes time and inspiration to come up with the best choice. If you’re bringing home a new puppy in the near future, start thinking now about what you want to name her. For a female puppy, a feminine name could be the perfect way to go. Here are our top picks for the 10 most feminine dog names for a female puppy:

  1. Jasmine – This name conjures an image of a delicate purple flower with a light floral scent – it could also be a reference to the princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin. Either way, it’s a great feminine dog name for a female puppy.
  2. Luna – Latin for the word moon, Luna has a celestial ring to it, making it the perfect name for the new star of your life – your sweet little girl puppy.
  3. Daisy – Sweet and simple, this name brings to mind a beautiful white flower. If you have a sweet little female puppy who wouldn’t hurt a fly, Daisy might be the perfect name.
  4. Gracie – A variation on the name Grace, this name is as classic as it is feminine. The name comes from the Latin for lovely or graceful and it’s a great name for a sweet-mannered female puppy.
  5. Flora – Nothing is more beautiful or more feminine than a bouquet of flowers, so why not name your female puppy after them? The name Flora doesn’t belong to any particular type of flower but it definitely has a feminine ring to it.
  6. Aria – The Italian word for a beautiful song typically performed by a soloist in an opera, Aria is a sweet and feminine name for a female puppy who brings music to your heart. It is also the Hebrew word for lioness.
  7. Sophie – This name has Greek origins and a feminine ring to it. If you’re looking for a pretty name for your female puppy, Sophie is a great one to consider.
  8. Layla – If you want a feminine name that isn’t too saccharine, the name Layla comes from the Arabic for dark beauty. This name would be great for a female puppy who has something exotic about her.
  9. Delilah – A character from the Bible, the name Delilah means desired or seductive in Hebrew. This name might be a good choice for a puppy who has a way of getting into mischief and for getting your other dogs in trouble.
  10. Bella – The Latin word for beautiful, there are few names as feminine as Bella. This name is an abbreviation of the name Isabel which also translates to “lovely one”.

Your female puppy is your little princess so she deserves the perfect name. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to name her, consider this top ten list of feminine dog names. Don’t be afraid to take your time choosing a name, either – if none of these feels right, wait until you find something that does.

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