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10 Most Masculine Names for a Male Puppy – June 1st, 2018

When you bring home a new puppy you are adding a member to the family – you aren’t just bringing home a new pet. As a member of your family, your new puppy deserves a name, and not just any name – a great name. You could name your dog just about anything you wanted, but there is an art to naming. Here are some of our top picks for masculine names for a male puppy:

  1. Bully – A great name for a Pitbull or another bully breed, this name is the perfect masculine name for a boy dog.
  2. Gunner – This name means “battle strong” in Swedish and it invokes an image of a strong, masculine dog bred to run beside a hunter. In Teutonic, the name means “bold warrior”.
  3. Hercules – Inspired by the Greek god himself, Hercules is a name that invokes an image of strength and boldness. This name is perfect for a male dog who doesn’t take no for an answer and who knows how to get what he wants.
  4. Bear – Bears are known for their strength and ferocity, so there are few dog names as masculine as this one. This name would be particularly well-suited to a large-breed dog like an Akita or an Alaskan Malamute.
  5. Diesel – The diesel engine is an internal combustion engine used in trucks and locomotives. If you are looking for a dog name that invokes an image of strength and power, Diesel is the way to go.
  6. Kodiak – This name technically comes from an island in Alaska but it is also a type of bear. Kodiak bears are a force to be reckoned with which makes it a very masculine name for a male dog.
  7. Boss – The name boss is used by someone who is in charge, so it makes a great name for a dog who feels like he’s the boss of the household.
  8. Bandit – Another name for a robber or outlaw, the name Bandit is perfect for a male dog. This name is particularly apt for a dog who tends to steal treats off the counter or simply for a dog who has stolen your heart.
  9. Nitro – Short for nitroglycerin, an explosive liquid, the name Nitro is a great choice for a male dog. This name brings to mind images of dynamite and other explosives, so it would be great for a dog with an explosive personality.
  10. Killer – Even if your dog is the sweetest dog on the block, a name like Killer comes with a certain connotation. This is the perfect name for a large-breed dog, especially if you want his name to live up to his natural masculinity.

Your new puppy deserves a name fit for a king. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t particularly big or strong, masculinity is something you exude. If you want to give your male puppy a name that fits, consider one of the masculine dog names listed above.


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