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Top 12 Disney-Inspired Dog Names – July 23rd, 2019

Everyone loves a good story and no one tells a better story than Disney. From classics like the Lion King and The Little Mermaid to new releases like Moana and Zootopia, Disney movies are the perfect place to find inspiration for your new dog’s name. Below you will find a list of our top twelve picks for dog names inspired by Disney characters:

  1. Goofy – In the movies, Goofy is a dog character which makes this the perfect Disney-inspired name for a male dog. It is even better if your dog has a playful, fun-loving personality.
  2. Ariel – The main character from The Little Mermaid, this name would be perfect for a dog with a red coat or for a dog who is too curious for her own good.
  3. Mickey – Perhaps the most popular Disney character of all time, Mickey is a wonderful Disney-inspired name for a male dog. Bonus points if your dog has black ears!
  4. Belle – The princess from Beauty and the Beast, Belle is a great name for a female dog who is very smart and beautiful both inside and out.
  5. Sully – Short for James P. Sullivan, the main character in Monsters, Inc., this name would be perfect for a large, fluffy male dog. As big as he is, Sully is all heart so give this name to a dog who has an unlimited amount of love to give.
  6. Dory – One of the main characters from Finding Nemo, Dory would be a great name for a female dog who may not be the brightest bulb in the box but who is friendly to a fault and always up for an adventure.
  7. Simba – The main character from The Lion King, Simba would be a great name for a large, fluffy dog who has a lot of heart.
  8. Lady – One of the title characters from Lady and the Tramp, this would be a great Disney-inspired name for a female dog. The dog in the movie is a Cocker Spaniel, so it would be extra fitting for a dog of that breed!
  9. Doug – The name of the main dog character in Up, this name is perfect for a friendly and lovable male dog who maybe isn’t the smartest dog but will always be loyal.
  10. Nala – This name belongs to the main character’s friend in the Lion King. Nala is sweet and playful as a young girl but grows up into a strong adult.
  11. Stitch – This name comes from the main character in Lilo and Stitch who has a knack for getting into trouble but always finds his way out of it.
  12. Tiger Lily – The Indian princess from Peter Pan, Tiger Lily is a sweet and feminine name that is perfect for a female dog.

Although the 12 names above are our top picks, there are plenty more Disney movies out there that can give you inspiration for your new dog’s name. Just think about some of your favorite movies from childhood or, if you have children of your own, think about their favorite movies. You could even let your kids name your new dog after their favorite character!


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