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How to Choose a Dog Name Based on Appearance – 14. July, 2015

Your new cute little pup has just arrived home and you are ready to give him or her, their name. This is a task that all dog owners go through when welcoming a new furry member of the family home. Your pup may have a unique look to his coat, face or body that will inspire you to name him or her. There are a variety of names that you can choose based off of the appearance of your pup. The following information will provide you with good ideas and tips on how to name your dog based on appearance.

  •  Freckles or Spot – Dogs such as Dalmatians and those that have specs located throughout their coat can be named freckles or spot.
  • Socks – Some dogs have a coat that makes them look like they are wearing socks. This is the perfect opportunity for dog owners to name their dog socks.
  • Snowball – Solid white dogs with a furry coat are often named snowball. A popular name for white dogs with short coats is Arctic.
  • Smiley – Some dogs have unique markings that make them look like they are constantly smiling. Smiley is a suitable name for these unique dogs.
  • Patches – This name is perfect for dogs that have multi-colored coats that appear to have patches of a variety of colors.
  • Midnight – Dogs that are solid black or dark brown are commonly named midnight.
  • Caramel – Dogs that have a coat that looks similar to the color of caramel will be best suited for this name.
  • Cocoa – Dogs that have a chocolate brown coat will be best suited for this name.
  • Bandit – Many dogs are born with unique markings that may give the appearance of wearing a mask. This name is an excellent option for these special dogs.
  • Bear – This name usually is a good fit for dogs that will grow to be large, with a dark furry coat that resembles the look of a wild bear. Teddy is a common name used for small dogs that are dark and furry.
  • Bella – Dogs that are pleasing to look at and that are considered to be beautiful will appreciate the name Bella, meaning beautiful in Italian.
  • Moose – This name is perfectly suited for large dogs that have a medium to dark coat.
  • Chewbacca – This popular name is commonly used for dogs that resemble the character in the movie.
  • Tank – This name is for dogs that are obviously very large and wide. This is usually noticeable from the time the dog is a young pup. You can also tell if the dog will grow to match this name by confirming the breed of the dog and the looks of an adult dog matching the breed.

The names stated above are common names based on the appearance of dogs. You may find that your pup has even more distinct coloring or appearance that will encourage you to choose a name best suited for him or her. Keep in mind that you will want to name your dog based on what he or she will look like as an adult. Chances are your cute pup that looks like a teddy bear during the early years may grow up to resemble Chewbacca.

Photo credit: anko.gaku_ula/Flickr