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My Jack is named Duece , She

My Jack is named Duece , She is a gorgeous lil girl with two cute spots on either side of her butt , my young son named her Duece like a dice roll , she was also the runt, as well the one of the healthiest probly because she got to stay with her Mom in our family :) Mom passed 12/28/16 she was a long hair Parson Jack Russell her name was Heidi . Duece is now 10 1/2 and more playful than ever . Duece is not a fem name or a common name but perfect for our Duece who sometimes is Duecey or Paris as in Hilton lol .

I have a five year old

I have a five year old collie/shepherd/beagle mix named Deuce. I rescued him as a puppy and named him Deuce because my brother was number 2 in baseball.

Who are we kidding? I named him Deuce because he's such a poophead. I love him.

My first dogs name was Zeus.

My first dogs name was Zeus. About the time I got Zeus my parents got a dog and named him duke. They would run together and when I would call for them I would often say "Zuke" or "deuce" which wasn't their names but they would boh come. After Zeus died (cancer) I got Deuce. Perfect name because now he runs with Duke and he will answer to Zeus or deuce.

I have an approx. 10 yr old

I have an approx. 10 yr old black and tan / bluetick coonhound that is a rescue I named Deuce. I picked that name because I already had a female black and tan/german shepherd named Deezy and I wanted to keep the short D names going, and he was the 2nd dog (get it? Deuce means 2, 2nd dog...)

His name now has a 2nd meaning, in that the boy can leave a pile of #2 far larger than dogs twice his size.


pronounced (Doe-Doe-Paul-e-Neak)

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