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One unique lovable dog... = Gizmo (Shih Tzu)

Dog's Name: 

Gizmo is my puppy and he's a Shih Tzu. And he loves to play ball if you try and take the ball away from him he gets very excited Then he cries and he makes the actual gizmo sound. ( like The gremlins did in the movie).
Is so cute and amazing. He has learned a lot. He plays bubble you throw it and bring it back to you. He shakes hands with the paws. If you hold a treat up and just make a circle with it he will dance around in a circle until you stop and give him a treat. He also has the ability to bring me his dog dish when he's hungry
I truly love gizmo with all my heart. He makes me very happy. He is funny in almost everything that he does. He loves being loved and brushed. No one will ever find another dog like my Gizmo.

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