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Xodie name origin

Dog's Name: 

Xodie is my dream agility dog, an Australian Shepherd. My previous agility dog was picked from a shopping cart of free puppies in front of a Walmart. I had gone into the Walmart while travelling to purchase a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD to listen to on my 3 hr drive home. So I named the puppy "Flea". Flea was my heart dog, presumed Akita/Border Collie mix, and he earned 2 agility championships. For years my friends said "your next dog has to be named tick!". Since I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, I looked at parasite names. Ixodes is a species of tick, so I shortened it to Xodie. Cool name, in the agility ring I call him X just to get to the point. Never have I seen another dog with this name, but since Xodie is 12 now, it would be awesome for the right dog to carry the name on. The name is pronounced "Zo-dee"

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