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Female Dog Names

The names on this list are similar to those we have on the Girl Dog Names page, but there are a several additional names on this list. Keeping that in mind, with the amount of possible dog names for females, there is no way we could get them all mentioned here, but we have included many popular and unique names for your pet or pets that are totally free.

And of course, if we have left any names off that you particularly like, we always ask that you send in your name ideas. There is an email address link at the bottom of each page for you to email us name ideas. 

We have quite a fun and varied list of names for your furry friends to choose from, but we always like to add new ones that will be good for a puppy, older dogs, any or breed. Actually, some of the names on this page would be good for either a girl or boy dog, but you can go to our male dog names page for more ideas.

Meanwhile, have fun picking out names for your new friend!

List of dog Names for Female Dog Names

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arianna &brianna  
Artemis and Apollo  
Asynja - pronounced (Ah-sin-ya)  
Atomic (chihuahua)  
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User Submitted Female Dog Names

cute 03.24.2015 For the dog name Teagan we got teagan after my dog died of parvo More about Teagan
out of a hat! 03.12.2015 For the dog name rylee faith kassick adams I named my dog rylee faith. well the first name I picked 3 rylee, chloe, and misty. I put them in a hat because I liked them all and I got rylee. I really think the first and middle name fits her well. I picked from a hat because through out the years we have had so... More about rylee faith kassick adams
Name yourself! 03.12.2015 For the dog name Sassie My mother and I were discussing getting a dog in mid-September. I have always wanted a dog since I was old enough to know what one was. My mother always said no because we had one and he was older and she said he was enough which he was. Well you know how every kid... More about Sassie
Rocks and Roxie 03.06.2015 For the dog name Roxie She liked to get rocks and chew on them as a puppy, so we named her Roxie. More about Roxie
Ni Hao 03.03.2015 For the dog name Ni Hao Ni hao. Je suis Chinois. Du bist einen Apfel. Lolerz. I was born on the border of Germany, France, China, lolerinoland and England. More about Ni Hao
The Playful "Cinna-bon." 02.22.2015 For the dog name Cinna-bon She's a very petite, very cute, with small eyes, and adorably "happy-fun-loveable", and playful puppy with light tan and white soft hair. The unique colors remind me of her sweetness....Cinna-bon. She has completely stolen my heart! More about Cinna-bon
Calamity Jane 02.22.2015 For the dog name Calamity Jane Named by breeder- Desperado Beagles More about Calamity Jane
She is white 02.19.2015 For the dog name snowball My dog is white and I call her Snowball because she is small! More about snowball
the name for my pug 02.15.2015 For the dog name Miley Well I was 8 when I got my 2nd pug and I decided the name Miley was rarely used so I was like let's give her a rare name I said what about Miley that would be cute everybody agreed and that been her name for about 2.5 years. More about Miley
my pug name 02.15.2015 For the dog name pugy I was 2 years old so I was little when I named her I decided to name her pugy since she was a pug I got her when she was first born she is now 10 I love her to pieces she is my life More about pugy