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Banjo Blue 05.24.2018 Unique Dog Names

As me and my boyfriend were searching for a fur baby after losing our first, we COULD NOT decide on a name. After... Read more

likes to jump in all 4 legs 05.19.2018 Female Dog Names

we call her Mase some times

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Need Dog Names? You've come to the right place!

Two Dogs

There are dozens of fun and creative names for your dog or puppy on this site for you to browse through. You will definitely be able to find that perfect name to fit the personality and characteristics of your new canine friend!

We have collected many imaginative, fun and distinctive names for just about any breed, male or female, for you to choose from.

  • You can start browsing for names on the lists of dog names page 
  • We have sorted them into different categories of dog names
  • Each page is easy to use, so you can find that perfect andunique dog name quickly
  • We even get names from you, our friendly visitors, and you can see those additions at the bottom of each of the pages of names.


Tips For Naming Your Dog


While naming a pet is fun, (and sometimes challenging for the whole family), there are a couple of important tips we would like to offer so you can avoid confusion with your furry friend in the future.

When choosing names for pets, keep in mind:

  • To pick a name that your dog or puppy can easily recognize
  • Many animals, including dogs (and cats) respond better to one and two syllable words
  • So instead of  "Theridamas" they will respond better to the shortened, "Terri" or "Damas"
  • With dogs, try not to give him or her a name that sounds like one of the basic commands (No, Down, Sit, Stay, Come, Fetch,etc.)
  • For instance, the name "Kit" might be mistaken with "Sit" or the name "Star" might be confused with "Stay"

This Site is Always Adding New Dog Names and Information!


This website is a hobby for us so we happily do it for free. (We know, we're crazy!) But we love all animals, are considerate of their rights, and are continually adding more information that we hope you find helpful. 

We have recently added an pet adoption and rescue section, giving useful resources and a reserved list of agencies, as well as some good dog health and training information.

We hope to give you many more different German, Scottish, popular, and favorite names for your furry friends, because this site is by no means complete; simply because the possibilities are endless. 

We are always adding new dog names on a regular basis, so bookmark * this site, and come back often to visit and see what's going on!

So get started, play around, and have fun.....Woof!

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