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Dog Names Duos: C & S – June 10th, 2009

This week’s dog names duos are:

Chips & Salsa

Chips & Salsa are both Pembroke Welsh Corgi and are 6 years old.

They love to wade in swampy water, chase the kids around, and sleep in mom’s chair.

Their best trick is to: Get the human to open the door, then to pretend like they didn’t really want to go in or out. Wait until the human sits back down again. Repeat!

It’s not good for them, but if they can, they will get into the box of frosted mini wheats and have a party! keep them far away from a cereal box.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    a friend of mine got two new border collie puppies a brother and a sister, the sister was all brown dark and light with a little bit of white on her face, the brother was mainly black but had an all white face. i thought of naming the sister kahluha and so the brother was named milk! they are very cute little puppies – kahluha and milk!

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