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Travel Tips for Dogs – May 29th, 2014

Vacations are the most anticipated time for all of us. Leaving your daily life behind and being able to include your precious family dog makes this time of relaxing more enjoyable.

Taking a trip in your car should be a safe experience for the whole family. Deciding to travel with your dog in a crate is a choice to consider. It is very easy to become distracted if your dog is loose and you need to stop quickly he could be thrown around the car and become severely hurt. Some dogs want to get near the window and decide that they want to jump out. You should not feel that you are being mean by crating your dog most dogs feel safe and secure making it easy for them to really enjoy this journey.

Teaching your dog to welcome a crate takes a few easy steps. Take your dog for a short walk first so he is relaxed and ready to be able to pay attention. Make sure you do not put his leash in the crate he could strangle on it if it gets twisted around his neck. In your home show your dog the crate and open the door putting his two front paws inside and letting him go in on his own, never push him in the crate. Close the door when he is comfortable inside. Do not talk to him in a sad voice, this will make him become anxious and think something is wrong. Tell him to stay and then walk away. Return after fifteen minutes and let him out. Do this several times until he gets used to it.

Dogs experience motion sickness, do not feed them a large amount of food before or during your trip. A high protein snack should be given when you take a break. To get rid of some excess energy from the ride spend time walking your dog or even playing a little. Never leave your dog in the parked car which heats up quickly and could dehydrate him causing serious health issues.

To relax and comfort your dog having his favorite toy, stuffed animal, a bone and a blanket with him will make the ride a happier experience.

Medicating your dog with a drug to calm him down or a sedative may be something that you might be considering. This is not a good option to make him rely on medication because it changes his disposition and he is not the same precious dog and will not be able to fully enjoy this experience. Your dog will be calm seeing your body language, your attitude and your voice that all is good and he is safe.

Hotels that accept dogs is a priority on your list before you take your vacation. There are several hotels that accept dogs like Best Western which have many locations and they have everything in order for your visit. Dog friendly activities along with parks are recommended so you will know your choices and your dog will enjoy great activities. It is very important that you bring your dog’s food and treats. The only food that your dog is able to eat in Hotels is the Continental breakfast which really is not good for them, they should have their special food as they do at home.

When you arrive at the Hotel be sure to take your dog for a long walk to introduce him to the new surroundings so your dog can feel at ease and feel calm.

Being prepared for your vacation and traveling together can be a wonderful experience that you will want to continue for many years to come.

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