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Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make – December 2nd, 2015

Common Mistakes New Dog Owners MakeHas your cute little bundle of fur turned into a handful where his or her behavior is concerned? This happens more often than pet owners are willing to admit. There are a variety of common mistakes new dog owners make when raising their pup. These mistakes can result in your pup believing he or she is the pack leader, unusual behavior and much more!

  • You Thought They Were Cute – Often time’s dog owners choose their dog because they are the cutest little thing they have ever seen. What happens is pet owners end up with a dog that has lifestyle requirements such as exercise needs, that they struggle to meet. Choose your dog based on their breed, temperament, potential health issues common to the breed and daily lifestyle requirements. Make sure you are able to provide all that is needed for your dog to live a healthy, safe, productive and happy lifestyle.
  • Don’t Set House Rules – This mistake occurs because the dog owner is in love with their adorable new family member that they forget to set house rules. House rules should include obedience training and house training. This mistake also happens when dog owners believe their puppy is too young for training. It is never too early to train a puppy. Begin training as soon as you arrive home with your new furry family member.
  • Avoiding Crates – The argument whether for providing a crate for a dog has been going on for a long time. Dogs are den animals. This means they find and seek comfort in confined, dark places that make them feel protected, safe and happy. Crates are a perfect invention to providing this for your dog. It doesn’t mean lock your dog in the crate all day. However, you want to provide the option for him or her to enjoy.
  • Yelling at Your Dog – This happens to many new dog owners. You think punishing or yelling loudly at your dog will make him or her stop his wild behavior. This is not true. You are only encouraging them to continue the unwanted behavior. Dogs seek attention from their owner. They don’t care whether you are yelling in anger or giving them kisses, it is still attention. Anytime you show attention to your dog they become joyful because they got your attention. The next time your dog misbehaves try ignoring the negative behavior and focus only on praising him or her for the things she does right. This will encourage your dog to repeat the positive behavior in order to get your attention.

Becoming a dog owner confirms that you signed-on for years of daily responsibility that requires specific needs to be met. Do your homework on your dog’s breed and find out the details of their needs. Most dogs need a healthy diet, regular exercise, a comfortable bed, toys, access to fresh water and much more. Once you correct or avoid these common mistakes new dog owners make with their pups, you will be well on your way to providing a healthy, happy lifestyle for your dog.

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