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How to Choose a Dog Name Based on Personality – March 14th, 2016

Dog Name Based on PersonalityYou just brought your pup home and it is time for you to give him or her, their name. Many dog owners already have a specific name in mind before they even find the right pup to bring home. But others prefer to name their dog based on their personality. This is a great way for you to show the world the unique personality that your dog has every time you call their name. Imagine being at the dog park and you hear a dog owner call out their dogs name “happy”. You are sure to see a happy-go-lucky dog come running. On the other hand imagine if you hear someone call out “killer”? Most-likely a ferocious dog will come running towards their owner. The following steps will help you find the perfect personality based dog name for your dog!

  • Get to Know Your Dog – Chances are you either just brought a pup home or adopted a dog from a shelter. Spend some time with your new family member and observe his or her behavior. Does he or she exhibit certain personality traits such as shyness, happiness, playfulness, stubbornness and other traits? Find the trait that best suits your dog’s personality.
  • Shyness Names – If your dog seems shy consider names such as bashful, sweetie, shilo and carrie (short for careful).
  • Intelligence Names – Is your dog smart and reacts to everything going on in their surroundings? These intelligent dogs could have names such as Einstein, keen, sassy and whiz.
  • Happy-Go-Lucky Names – If your dog exudes happiness and an easy-going personality, names such as happy, merry, blithe, chipper, jolly, peppy and sunny are excellent options.
  • Energetic Names – Did you bring your pup home and as soon as their paws hit the floor they are an energetic bundle of joy? Dog names that express energy include zipster, speedy, dash, moxie, zing and zest.
  • Playful Names – If you dog is extremely playful and expresses a personality of a joker or prankster, names to consider are frisky, spirit, joy, action, avalanche, josh, jokey and witty.
  • Loving and Kind Names – If your dog expresses a kind, sweet, compassionate nature you will want to consider names such as lovey, sugar, honey, romeo, candy and heart.
  • Strong Dog Names – If your dog has a strong personality name suggestions include rambo, stark, force, stealth, muscles, brute, brawn, power and rocky.

Getting to know your dog’s true nature and personality can take some time. However, you will want to name your dog as soon as possible because it helps during training sessions. Once you do name your dog use their name frequently so they get use to it. It is wise to name your dog as soon as possible, otherwise you will resort to using a variety of kind names such as honey and sweetie and your dog will begin to think that is his or her name. Use the helpful tips above today to help guide you on naming your dog based on his or her personality.

Photo credit: Colin Haycock/Flickr

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