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Nick Carter the Bloodhound! – January 16th, 2007

This week’s name is:

Nick Carter

One of the greatest sleuths, and man-trackers in canine history, was a Kentucky Bloodhound called Nick Carter.

Nick was famous for his ability to pick up a cold trail and persistently follow it for many hours. Law enforcement officials soon put him to work finding lost persons or trailing criminals. A documented story tells of how Nick following a trail 104 hours old, lead to the discovery and arrest of a fugitive.

His dogged persistence led to the capture and conviction of more than 600 criminals throughout his illustrious career.

Here are some other interesting Bloodhound Facts:

The Bloodhound is the only dog whose testimony is accepted in a court of law

Bloodhounds are not good dogs for everybody. He may be the “King of Trackers” but to many he is known as the “King of Slime” for his frequent drooling

They are known for snoring!

The distinctive deep baying voice of the Bloodhound can be a problem if you have close neighbors who do not appreciate a midnight serenade

Bloodhounds should never be allowed to run free. They have absolutely no road sense and are oblivious to cars when they are busy tracking something interesting

They are late bloomers

Pups are born black and without wrinkles

Picture Credit: This is not a picture of Nick Carter – it is just a picture of an unknown bloodhound


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  1. clyde mullikin says:

    Nick Carter was owned by V G Mullikin, first cousin of my grandfather. I believe the Nick comes from Nicholasville and Carter from Cartersville where my great grandparents are buried. My late father often spoke of kinfolks at Nicholasville. Clyde Mullikin

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