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Dog Name – Memphis Belle – May 23rd, 2007

This week’s name is:

Memphis Belle

One of our visitors, to our Dog Names Woof website, sent us this great name and picture this week. We liked it so much, we wanted to share it with everyone:

Memphis Belle…We are going to name our St. Bernard puppy that. We are a proud Air Force family and we wanted to give her something that went along with my husband’s career being a pilot. The history of the Memphis Belle is so inspiring.

The Memphis Belle is a B-17 Flying Fortress. She was the most famous Bomber in WWII because she was the first to complete 25 missions while keeping her entire crew alive. This was during a 10 month time period…80% of bombers were shot down within the first three months. After the 25th mission crews would get to go home.

You can read more about this and see more Unique Dog Names at:



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