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Common Dog Names

Bringing home a new puppy will mean preparing your home and every member of the “pack”. But this is not all. The most crucial part is picking up the best name that will fit your latest addition to the family.

For many dog owners, selecting a name can be an exhaustive exercise that can oftentimes be daunting. However, you need not go far for there are common dog names that you can easily select from.

Before you make the final decision on what name to give your dog, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. You should take into consideration that your dog’s name will become his own identity. It will be the name you will be calling your pet for his entire lifetime. It is for this reason that you should pick out a name that you and your pet will be comfortable with.

Dog names have not escaped the ending process of change. Trends come and go, what’s cool today will certainly be not as cool tomorrow. In the past, common dog names like Spot, Rover, and Fido were certainly very popular. These names reflected how people perceived their pets. These names distinguished the inequality between people and their pets.

The current trend in dog names tries to banish the line that separates people and pets. More and more dogs are given people names which reflect how dog owners view their pets. Dogs have now become integral parts of the family and occupy a niche within the family circle. Thus the most common dog names today are people names like Max, Bella, Bailey, and Jack.

Many dog owners view their puppies as babies that they can dress up in fashionable outfits and made to wear dazzling fashion accessories. For a lot of people, owning a puppy satisfies their innate need to care and nurture another individual—one who is unable to provide for its basic needs. Certainly, our pets have become important members of our families.

The recent trend in naming dogs has definitely influenced the “dog-naming” process. Many go through the experience of wading through a long list of common dog names until they find the right one. The process will certainly be long and difficult. However, if you are armed with some tips in choosing your dog’s name, your search will be much easier and more fulfilling.

One of the best tips that can guide you in picking out a name for your dog is to get to know him better. Spending the first few days and observing his behavior and personality will provide clues on the best name that will fit him to a T.

The best dog names are composed of only one or two syllables. Don’t confuse your dog with long names such as Longfellow and Spartacus. You might have a hard time saying it and it might confuse your dog.

Picking out your dog’s name and coming up with the best one is just half the fun. Once you and your dog are both familiar and at ease with his name, you will be able to establish a stronger bond that will last a lifetime.

List of dog Names for Common Dog Names

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aaaaaflying doughball-  
anastasia + lexie  
Anna Belle  
Babii Girl  
Banana hammock  
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User Submitted Common Dog Names

Snickers Wrapper 03.25.2014 For the dog name Snicker When i first got my dog i put him in the frount seat of my car and started thinkingbof puppy names for my begal i wasent paying attion till i heard crunching noises i look at him and saw him playing with a snickers Wrapper in my car Of course i took itbaway from him... More about Snicker
The history behind Zippo. 03.21.2014 For the dog name Zippo My father was against having a dog, and also he loves Zippo lighters, so when I came home with my little Brittany pup, he freaked out, but when I told him the pup's name everything changed. At first I just thought it would be funny but now that Zippo's bid and grown up... More about Zippo
My Sweet Loving Lucy 03.12.2014 For the dog name Lucy My dog just died two days ago, so I want to remember her and just not forget her. More about Lucy
Snoopy 02.28.2014 For the dog name Snoopy I love Peanuts. I just absolutely LOVE it!! I have so many movies and stuffed animals and toys that are Peanuts! So I am going to name one of the dogs in the litter Snoopy. More about Snoopy
Louie the pig 02.17.2014 For the dog name Louie We got Louie as a runt. We had three kids Landon, Logan and Lexa. He was a boy and as small as a guinea pig! My mom thought of Louie! More about Louie
Boo 02.13.2014 For the dog name Boo If he/she lover to play this is a cute name More about Boo
Little Peanut (no bullet!) 01.30.2014 For the dog name Bullet He was really small when we brought him home, so we were thinking about naming him peanut, or something that is small. Then, he went to the door and wanted to go outside, we let him. Once he was out the door he rocketed to the other side of our backyard. That is when... More about Bullet
foody pups 01.29.2014 For the dog name idli and sambar funny names kept by my great grand father to the 2 new puppies born in my house. More about idli and sambar
moxie 12.22.2013 For the dog name Moxie The Moxie is a very sweet name. When the name moxie is said it brings back childhood memories. To me it sounds like a medium black dog. It is a pretty common name mostly for female dogs. The name Moxie is a famous name as well and lots of dogs have Moxie. Moxie is a... More about Moxie
Lucy the puppy 11.29.2013 For the dog name Lucy My puppy was named Lucy because we love the name Lucy. More about Lucy