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Unique Dog Names

What's fun about choosing a different or unusual name for your pet is that it adds that extra bit of individuality for each special furry friend in our lives. Each dog we share our lives with is unique, with thier own personality, and whether they are male or female, a pure breed or mixed breed, small or large, they deserve that extra special pet name.

To help you come up with something distinctive, we have tried to put together a long list of dog names that are unique, but we probably have missed some since names for pets can be as endless as your imagination. So perhaps some of the names we have listed here for your canine friend will spark an idea and you will have a perfect fit.

This is a good project for the family to get together on, and let the kids get involved too! Children sometimes have a knack for coming up with that unique pet name. So have fun, browse through the list on this page, and choose something you will be happy with for several years to come! 

OH - and by the way, if you want more unique and historical dog names, check our Doggie Blog. Every week we talk about a historical and unique dog name, and we often have antique photographs to go with it. It's really fun, so check it out too! 

List of dog Names for Unique Dog Names

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aaaaaflying doughball-  
Ace (the Bathound)  
Aiken Drum  
Aisha( eye-sha)  
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User Submitted Unique Dog Names

"Oso" dog name means "bear" in Spainish. 04.22.2014 For the dog name Oso I was given "Oso" a white poodle/bischon mix male 7 years ago. The Mexican father of the family adopted Oso from an Animal Welfare Shelter. Where they moved to, didn't allow pets. He said in Spainish "Oso" means "bear" in that language. Oso is now 8 years old. I've... More about Oso
Vampire diary name Vicki 04.20.2014 For the dog name Vicki Vicki means ~The feminine form of Victorius and the name of the Roman goddess of victory. My dog is named Vicki after Vicki in Vampire diaries. Its a name thats easy to vall out and dogs tend to listen to it better then other names. I love it! More about Vicki
Bojangles the Pug 04.15.2014 For the dog name Bojangles We called our Pug, Bojangles. After a trip down to South Carolina and seeing all the Bojangles food chains, my fiancé and I decided that we just loved that name and that our pug we were getting in a month would be called Bojangles. :) He is the only pug up here in our... More about Bojangles
The real reason for Mary Jane 04.14.2014 For the dog name Mary Jane My husband named our sausage dog after Mary Jane (Bob Marley), but my son of 4 years old thought we were naming her after Mary Jane of Spiderman. More about Mary Jane
Noname 04.12.2014 For the dog name Noname We had an amazing rot/lab mix when he was a puppy we couldn't figure out what to name him we tried along him by all sorts of names and he didn't respond so jokingly we said hey maybe your name is no name the pup looked up at us and came to is we know that was his name... More about Noname
A dog named Cheese... 04.11.2014 For the dog name Cheese She started out as "Millie" she's a Chiweeniepug. Every time she sees you she gives a cheesy grin/ half snarl. She did this when she was in front of the camera and we'd say " cheese". She is officially "Cheese" now. More about Cheese
Rusty 04.07.2014 For the dog name Rusty Rusty was a small scruffy looking black dog. I loved him very much and he was my best friend. Everyday when I came home, he would jump onto me and bark like crazy. He was the most amazing dog. Playful, energetic, and mischievous. I got him at pound and the moment I lay... More about Rusty
Biblical names 04.04.2014 For the dog name Noah My sister and I brought home a 2 year old lab mix (a cross between a white German shepherd and yellow lab) one week before Christmas. We tried tons of names to no avail, until my mother offered up, "Noelle". It stuck immediately! When I graduated college a few years... More about Noah
my little girl 04.03.2014 For the dog name Licalotapus Because it's all she does. More about Licalotapus
dog names from literature 03.25.2014 For the dog name Ophelia Ophelia is Greek for 'help' but is commonly linked with the character in Hamlet who, indeed, needed help. She went mad in grief and heartache- for her father and for her confusing affiliation with Hamlet. Cute name for a quirky female dog if you're a... More about Ophelia