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Male Dog Names

Well, you've done it! You've made that important addition to your family and gotten a new dog, congratulations! Your new friend could be a boy or a girl, a puppy or an older dog, or just about any of the many breeds available these days.

This page of the website deals with trying to list many of the fun, popular, famous, and unique names for male canine pets.....but there is no way we could cover them all! The possibilities are endless. We have, however, put together a list of over 600 free dog names for you to choose from, and hopefully there is enough information to get your imagination going.

Remember that when choosing a name for your pet, it could revolve around their personality, their appearance, or perhaps even the location you found your new family member. Most of the names on this page are for a boy, but many would work great for female dog names too. So keep the girls in mind as you browse through this list of suggestions..... and have fun! Woof!

List of Dog Names for Male Dog Names

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User Submitted Male Dog Names

My white chinned Poodle. 10.27.2014 For the dog name Skitch During the 80's, on the Nite Show,there was a band leader named Skitch Henderson, he had a white beard (small) sometimes know as a gotee. Our new miniature poodle had a white patch of hair on his chin, so I named him Skitch after this band leader. It was fast and... More about Skitch
The vacuum cleaner 10.25.2014 For the dog name Hoover My dog Hoover chews EVERYTHING & ANYTHING!! So obviously his name is Hoover. More about Hoover
Musical Dog 10.23.2014 For the dog name Fender Fender is a top brand of musical instruments, specializing in Electric Guitars. I have played guitar since I was 5, and when I got my first dog I noticed that he had the same colors as of one of my Electric Guitars, it was a Fender guitar. So I named my dog Fender, and... More about Fender
dog 10.22.2014 For the dog name reecie We got our dog with this name More about reecie
The Happiest Puppy I Have Ever Met 10.17.2014 For the dog name Osiris Osiris is the Egyptian god of death and ressurection and barley. Osiris or Si, is my one and half year old puppy. He is half mini aussie and half rat terrier. Si is one of the best dogs I have ever met or could have asked for. That little dog always have just a... More about Osiris
Timber 10.09.2014 For the dog name Timber 2 years ago, my puppy found me at a rescue shelter. The 2 month old half-Chihuahua / half-Pomeranian had reddish coloring - he looked just like a fox. I wanted to call him something woodsy (Fox just didn't fit him). I closed my eyes and thought of a forest. I... More about Timber
Blade 09.29.2014 For the dog name blade Just got a new put bull puppy and named him blade from the movie blade More about blade
A Random Crash 09.26.2014 For the dog name Random Crash My mom was looking for a new boxer for my dad because our old one just passed away. She came to me saying that after four months she finally found some boxers. We toke my brother and went to the house with four boxers. Three were white and very healthy but one was... More about Random Crash
Shadow my Black Lab 09.19.2014 For the dog name Shadow Shadow is the name of my super friendly Black Lab who got his name when mom said he followed me like my shadow.... He is big and goofy and loving and loves to play and eat. More about Shadow
Egyptian Pharisees name. 09.09.2014 For the dog name Ramses Since he was a pup, his side profile was like something you'd see in an Egyptian hyroglpyphic. A focus pharaoh was Ramses. It seemed to fit. More about Ramses