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Male Dog Names

Well, you've done it! You've made that important addition to your family and gotten a new dog, congratulations! Your new friend could be a boy or a girl, a puppy or an older dog, or just about any of the many breeds available these days.

This page of the website deals with trying to list many of the fun, popular, famous, and unique names for male canine pets.....but there is no way we could cover them all! The possibilities are endless. We have, however, put together a list of over 600 free dog names for you to choose from, and hopefully there is enough information to get your imagination going.

Remember that when choosing a name for your pet, it could revolve around their personality, their appearance, or perhaps even the location you found your new family member. Most of the names on this page are for a boy, but many would work great for female dog names too. So keep the girls in mind as you browse through this list of suggestions..... and have fun! Woof!

List of Dog Names for Male Dog Names

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Ace (the Bathound)  
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User Submitted Male Dog Names

Egyptian Pharisees name. 09.09.2014 For the dog name Ramses Since he was a pup, his side profile was like something you'd see in an Egyptian hyroglpyphic. A focus pharaoh was Ramses. It seemed to fit. More about Ramses
MR. FAKENAME 09.08.2014 For the dog name Mr. FakeName THEEEEE SIMPSONSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More about Mr. FakeName
The Dog with No Name 08.30.2014 For the dog name Bono I had the perfect name for my last puppy; the name was Cody. Everything about the name was perfect, he even looked liked "Cody". Tragically, he died 2 weeks later. Our family was devastated, especially since we lost another dog 1 year prior to old age; the lost of that... More about Bono
My Pomeranian 08.27.2014 For the dog name Reeses My dog is a Pomeranian that I originally wanted to name Reece, however the kids thought Reese's sounded better and he would be named after a candy More about Reeses
My first puppy 08.12.2014 For the dog name Sambo my very first dog as a child...never forget him :) More about Sambo
Not my fault! 08.05.2014 For the dog name Innocent My dog used to be really naughty: he chewed on my coat, he at my slippers and he used to come home with a brown fur (it was a white dog, so you can understand what happend...) Every time he did something wrong he looked at me with big eyes that said: "I did nothing... More about Innocent
Laddie Luv 07.31.2014 For the dog name Laddie Luv My American Eskimo was named before he was born. He was called Laddie from birth and it has evolved to Laddie Luv. We are awaiting birth of his son, whom we have already named Logan. More about Laddie Luv
gotcha 07.24.2014 For the dog name Askhem you can have fun with this name. when your friends ask what's your dogs name say Askhem and if they bend over and say What's your name doggy ? you know you need smarter friends! Could also be Askker for females! More about Askhem
Elan's story.. 07.18.2014 For the dog name Elan My cousin works for the safari ride at Disney. He was talking one day about the animals getting into a fight and he said "the eland was attacked by a water buck." Well I just loved that name! I was also at the time looking for names to name my baby girl puppy. So of... More about Elan
the god of thunder Zeus 07.14.2014 For the dog name Zeus the story behind my dog name is if you adopt a big strong dog i feel like Zeus is a good name for not just a strong dog but its also a cute name for a new little puppy. usually i wold use the name zeus for probably a bigger dog like a husky or a lab dog probably not... More about Zeus