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Male Dog Names

Well, you've done it! You've made that important addition to your family and gotten a new dog, congratulations! Your new friend could be a boy or a girl, a puppy or an older dog, or just about any of the many breeds available these days.

This page of the website deals with trying to list many of the fun, popular, famous, and unique names for male canine pets.....but there is no way we could cover them all! The possibilities are endless. We have, however, put together a list of over 600 free dog names for you to choose from, and hopefully there is enough information to get your imagination going.

Remember that when choosing a name for your pet, it could revolve around their personality, their appearance, or perhaps even the location you found your new family member. Most of the names on this page are for a boy, but many would work great for female dog names too. So keep the girls in mind as you browse through this list of suggestions..... and have fun! Woof!

List of Dog Names for Male Dog Names

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aaaaaflying doughball-  
Ace (the Bathound)  
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User Submitted Male Dog Names

Christmas puppy 04.22.2014 For the dog name Buddy When I was five my parents got us puppy for Christmas.My brother and i said he is going to be our best buddy ever meaning friend.My parents wanted to call him Captain but my brother insisted that we call him buddy. I agreed because the way he looked at us when we... More about Buddy
Have no fear the Boogeyman is here 04.19.2014 For the dog name Boogeyman McDaniels When I was a kid i just knew the Boogeyman was under my bed and i would run and jump in bed every night for years. As a young adult i was telling a co worker my fear of the Boogeyman growing up. He sugested I name my next animal Boogeyman so kids would have a good... More about Boogeyman McDaniels
Breeded. 04.18.2014 For the dog name Wubanga It's very cool! He loves to cuddle! They are called: Wubanga, Hung and Kali, but my Wubanga and her old: Wubanga 4-5 months; Hung 8-9 months; Kali 12-13 months More about Wubanga
Snickers Wrapper 03.25.2014 For the dog name Snicker When i first got my dog i put him in the frount seat of my car and started thinkingbof puppy names for my begal i wasent paying attion till i heard crunching noises i look at him and saw him playing with a snickers Wrapper in my car Of course i took itbaway from him... More about Snicker
Story behind Hanley. 03.22.2014 For the dog name Hanley Our family loves the dodgers and our lucky number is # 13. The player on the dodgers Hanley Remerez is # 13. But I still think it's a cute unique name even if you don't like the dodgers. :) More about Hanley
a second chance at life. 03.22.2014 For the dog name Chance Well I adopted chance from a shelter actually the Baltimore city pound called b.a.r.c he was just under a year old and he is a pit bull but the moment I saw him I feel in love and knew he was the one so I signed the papers got his shots and home we went now I just had... More about Chance
The history behind Zippo. 03.21.2014 For the dog name Zippo My father was against having a dog, and also he loves Zippo lighters, so when I came home with my little Brittany pup, he freaked out, but when I told him the pup's name everything changed. At first I just thought it would be funny but now that Zippo's bid and grown up... More about Zippo
mater the dog 03.20.2014 For the dog name mater The first dog my husband and I got before we married, we rescued from a local shelter. A big misbehave black lab Rottweiler cross by the name of mickey. I fell in love with the ball loving rascal. When we came to pick him up we both knew the name had to go, he didnt... More about mater
I miss my Hobart 03.19.2014 For the dog name This is what we named our first dog. He was a mix. He was black, with white paws, ans Brown eyebrows. He was so cute. I miss him so much! Sometimes we would call him Hobie Wan Kenobi because my family liked star wars.
none 03.16.2014 For the dog name Tux none More about Tux