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dog's Name Photo The Story Behind the Name
Rontu My favorite book from childhood

From the Book: Island of the blue dolphin. Native American mean "Fox Eyes" . Young Native American girl and her younger brother abandoned on an island . Wolves kill her brother and she shot the Alpha male with an arrow. She then is over come with compassion or loneliness, or both. She nurses the Wolf back and he becomes her only companion on the island. She names him Rontu, meaning " Fox Eyes" .

kenobi Jedi-Dog Tricks

Kenobi or "Nobi", was named after Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi from the widely renowned Sci-Fi movie 'Star Wars'. Kenobi came to us as a puppy, and has grown up into our own little Jedi protector. We didn't adopt him for the sole purpose of guarding the house, but it damn well is his sole purpose. From the day we brought him home, he was either breaking up fights between the other animals or being the bane of all evil("evil" as in the neighborhood cats, squirrels, mocking birds, and even a snake that was in my kids sandbox!) He lives to fight for us. He is our protector. Kenobi, the Doberman Pinscher.

lala The true meaning to Lala (aka lala loopsie)

Lala very bright loyal, loving, cute & cuddly, obedient,smart,highly intelligent, very alert, protective, playful, active, adventurous, curious, spontaneous and extremely attached to her owners.

August My baby

Its our anniversary

Dracarys Not ALL Gingers are created equal....

Originally used in GOT. Danaerys (another pups name), gave this order to her dragons. The Dog has red fire. Thus, DRACARYS....Draca, for short.

Lola Runt at Pound caught my eye--and my heart...

Originally, her name was "Annie"....yes, like the musical. Unfortunately, she became terribly ill when I adopted her. She braved through three months, and three parvo treatments....when she passed, I gave her the name "LOLA"--Little Orphan, Loved Always... and yes, I STILL love ALL the Tomorrows.

Leggo Lego the dog, name changed to Leggo to avoid copyright infringement!

She arrrived in our family from a shelter in Arkansas...we are in Connecticut. She seemed to be a dachshund, terrier, chihuwala mix...but now after almost 7 years, she seems to be more of a rat-terrier. 11 lbs, short brown brindle color hair. Fast on the retrieve, catches frisbees up to 3-4 feet off ground. She is a small piece of our family, just like Lego Bricks...however,we did not want to infringe on copyright law and decided to add a "G" to the name...making lego into Leggo. Happily living here in Hartford County, Connecticut!

grimm The magnificent GrUmm

We have a charcoal colored Labrador Retriever who we named "Grimm" Because it really fit him A dark hunter he's seriously fascinating an we had to find a name to fit his dark gun metal blue fur color,

Kazooie Yes, I'm named after a video game

Ever hear of the video game Banjo-Kazooie? That's how this little guy got his name. We already had the Banjo (our 3yr old cockapoo) so his name came easily.

Jimmer Jimmer the boxer

We got a boxer puppy, and we said a bunch of dog names, and when we thought of bummed, he looked up, so it stayed Jimmer

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