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Biggio Biggio, a Hall of Fame name

I am a Houston Astros fan. Recent Hall of Fame inductee Craig Biggio's last name is a great dog name.

Finley Finley the French Bulldog

My female French Bulldog born in 2016 I named Finley as it means little warrior.
If you have or are familiar with the breed you know that they are small but mighty and that was the name I was searching for. After looking through thousands of names, Finley: Meaning:Little warrior. The name hit my brain right off my laptop screen like a ton of bricks; FINLEY! FINLEY was the perfect fit for my fabulous and mighty little girl.

Autumn Our Autumn

We named our dog Autumn because of her browns, blacks and gold colouring. She is so cute with her quirky ear. She lives up to her name as she is so calm, relaxed and laid back just like I think Autumn (season) is quite a relaxed season. Autumn is also my favourite season of the year.

Smiley smiley

he just smiles all the time

Xodie Xodie name origin

Xodie is my dream agility dog, an Australian Shepherd. My previous agility dog was picked from a shopping cart of free puppies in front of a Walmart. I had gone into the Walmart while travelling to purchase a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD to listen to on my 3 hr drive home. So I named the puppy "Flea". Flea was my heart dog, presumed Akita/Border Collie mix, and he earned 2 agility championships. For years my friends said "your next dog has to be named tick!". Since I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, I looked at parasite names. Ixodes is a species of tick, so I shortened it to Xodie. Cool name, in the agility ring I call him X just to get to the point. Never have I seen another dog with this name, but since Xodie is 12 now, it would be awesome for the right dog to carry the name on. The name is pronounced "Zo-dee"

Flike Flike, the Italian Movie Star

In the 1953 Italian movie, "Umberto D", The main characters' dogs' name is "Flike". He is a Jack Russell Terrier.
The movie is very famous, if you are into post-WWII, Italian, neorealism films, produced between 1943 and 1956.
I have yet to find the meaning of the name, as it pertains, specifically, to Italian culture.
Strangely, it seems to fit this particular breed, size and sex.

Fella A Pup Named Fella

Had a Neapolitan mastiff named Charlie that was too old to rename when I got him.. Just out of hang it when playing with him I would call him fella (short for fellow). I later scowered the internet to get a puppy friend.. My main goal being another Neo like Charlie... But in searching I came across the most beautiful Cane Corso who was barely 8 weeks old and just barely ready to leave his mother... And thus my old habbit of calling my dog fella seemed like the perfect chance to use a word I knew he would hear frequent and often to become his new name.

Buttony Chewing Buttons

Some dogs like to chew buttons

Rontu My favorite book from childhood

From the Book: Island of the blue dolphin. Native American mean "Fox Eyes" . Young Native American girl and her younger brother abandoned on an island . Wolves kill her brother and she shot the Alpha male with an arrow. She then is over come with compassion or loneliness, or both. She nurses the Wolf back and he becomes her only companion on the island. She names him Rontu, meaning " Fox Eyes" .

kenobi Jedi-Dog Tricks

Kenobi or "Nobi", was named after Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi from the widely renowned Sci-Fi movie 'Star Wars'. Kenobi came to us as a puppy, and has grown up into our own little Jedi protector. We didn't adopt him for the sole purpose of guarding the house, but it damn well is his sole purpose. From the day we brought him home, he was either breaking up fights between the other animals or being the bane of all evil("evil" as in the neighborhood cats, squirrels, mocking birds, and even a snake that was in my kids sandbox!) He lives to fight for us. He is our protector. Kenobi, the Doberman Pinscher.

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