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Female Dog Names

The names on this list are similar to those we have on the Girl Dog Names page, but there are a several additional names on this list. Keeping that in mind, with the amount of possible dog names for females, there is no way we could get them all mentioned here, but we have included many popular and unique names for your pet or pets that are totally free.

And of course, if we have left any names off that you particularly like, we always ask that you send in your name ideas. There is an email address link at the bottom of each page for you to email us name ideas. 

We have quite a fun and varied list of names for your furry friends to choose from, but we always like to add new ones that will be good for a puppy, older dogs, any or breed. Actually, some of the names on this page would be good for either a girl or boy dog, but you can go to our male dog names page for more ideas.

Meanwhile, have fun picking out names for your new friend!

List of dog Names for Female Dog Names

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khaleesi (cici)  
(Liberty) Libby  
7 (Seven)  
aaaaaflying doughball-  
Abbey Rose  
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User Submitted Female Dog Names

My White Sweetheart. 08.10.2015 For the dog name Bayzo I just put my too granddaugthers names together there names or Baylee ,Zoie the Loves of my life. More about Bayzo
Hazza 07.27.2015 For the dog name Hazza She is a golden and her name is Hazza More about Hazza
Name that fits 07.14.2015 For the dog name Jessie When I first got Jessie, so many other names were popping in my head like Riely, Bella, etc.. I waited about 3 days to find the right name..I watched her personality..well she was devious and stubborn as the day is long..I was listening to music and Rick Springfields... More about Jessie
loveable name 07.03.2015 For the dog name Xena Dean is a very nice name and I just love my dog because of its own beautiful name More about Xena
How I chose my dogs name.. 06.24.2015 For the dog name Zaf The way I came across the name 'Zaf' for my pup was through the Twilight movies. In the last film one of the characters is called 'Zafrina' and she lives in the amazon and is a hunter. So, with me working my dogs I needed something no one else on the shoot has as my... More about Zaf
..... 06.07.2015 For the dog name Jess Just fitted her perfectly More about Jess
My best friend 06.06.2015 For the dog name Bud I was ten years old when I adopted my dog from my local animal shelter. I decided when I got in the car her name would be Bud. The name Bud isn't really a name for a girl dog but I didn't care. She was my best friend. I named her Bud because she was my buddy,my friend... More about Bud
The last Juan 06.02.2015 For the dog name Pawdro He's Mexican and he has paws c: More about Pawdro
Katie 05.20.2015 For the dog name Katie When I first saw her I thought I should name her Katie. She is a miniature toy poodle and I love her. She was my third dog and she wouldn't hurt anyone unless she was protecting me. More about Katie
good 05.03.2015 For the dog name sheila it good name More about sheila
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