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Girl Dog Names

Is there anything more exciting and fun than getting a new puppy or dog? They add so much to the family, and of course you want to give your new pup the perfect name.

With the amount of possible names for female dogs, there is no way we could get them all mentioned here, but we have included many popular and unique names for your pet, or pets, that are totally free.

We have quite a fun and varied list of names for girl dogs to choose from that will be good for a puppy, older dog, or any breed. When picking out names for your new friend, you can always begin by looking at their appearance or characteristics and see if something will fit them. Do they like to play a lot? Do they have some cute way of walking or expressing themselves?

Some names here are old family names, baby names, and others are just pure, great, fun. Overall, we hope this page has what you need for your girls!

List of dog Names for Girl Dog Names

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Baya (Bay-a)  
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User Submitted Girl Dog Names

a name with meaning 06.08.2016 For the dog name Keeper We named our Rottweiler Keeper after another rotti I knew as a child. Our keeper really does everything her name means. She is so amazing we can truly say this " one's a keeper!!" She is keeper of the family and the house as she works to keep us all safe. More about Keeper
Pup with class 05.19.2016 For the dog name Royalty I recently got a puppy she's a lab mix and she acts like she is royal she won't go to the bathroom outside if the grass is wet and she looks like a royalty too More about Royalty
lion king 05.11.2016 For the dog name Nala well i like lion king More about Nala
lion king 05.11.2016 For the dog name Nala well i like lion king More about Nala
Skwiggles life 05.04.2016 For the dog name Skwiggles I like the name skwiggles More about Skwiggles
My American Bulldog named Tater 05.04.2016 For the dog name Tater I named my dog Tater because she can be a Tater tot,a baked tater, tater bug, couch tater, and so on More about Tater
family member 05.01.2016 For the dog name armani my dog is a sandy x chow father collie which is 12years 5 months old very cute and friendly and big family member we all love her so much More about armani
Delilah 04.17.2016 For the dog name Delilah I have a blue pit with the name Delilah More about Delilah
mini dog 02.12.2016 For the dog name pecas pecas is spots in spanish, its a curte name for small spotted dogs or any small dog. More about pecas
How i came up with the name "Chica" 02.10.2016 For the dog name Chica I wanted a name with a "CH" because it's easy to hear from a distance. She is the first girl dog i have had for a while now. She is a mexican dog. She is a "hot chick". More about Chica
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