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Roman cognomen meant

Roman cognomen meant "red-haired" in Latin. A few saints used to have this name including one Saint mentioned in one of Paul's epistles (New Testament.)

It was used by William II Rufus as a nickname. He was a king of England and used the name because of his red hair.

General usage is in the English speaking world.

I have a scotty/beagle mix

I have a scotty/beagle mix named Rufus (his original name was Johnny, but I have a son named Jon and didn't want my kid and dog answering to the same name!) Ruf is a very friendly, outgoing, vocal dog, who is loved a great deal! Incidentally, the name Rufus means red-haired, even though my Rufus is a dark brindle.

"Rufus" is Latin for "Red"

"Rufus" is Latin for "Red" and hence it came to pass that my Irish Setter acquired the name. He was a very smart dog who figured out,on his own, how to go into the local grocery store, make a friend in the meat department and return home with a bone. Miss you "Ruuf".

I have a beagle named Rufus.

I have a beagle named Rufus. I thought it was a cute name for a dog because a dog already says "Roof! Roof!" - short for Rufus.

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