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Schatzie is German for

Schatzie is German for treasure , sweetheart .my precious
"German girlfriend," from German Schatzi, diminutive of Schatz, a term of endearment for a woman, literally "treasure," from Proto-Germanic *skatta- (cf. Dutch schat "treasure," Gothic skatts "piece of money , money"), originally "cattle."
It is a great name for any of the German breads, My mini long haired doxie was named Schatzie, she was my precious , my treasure.

As seen by my name - - I am

As seen by my name - - I am German. Schatzie is a word having several English meanings that cover: Precious, Darling, or Sweetheart. Remember the movie Blazing Saddles ?? The term was used several times - each referring as being the "sweetheart" of the other.

Schatzi - German for

Schatzi - German for "sweetheart" and often used in slang as "street walker "
As I was told by an old German lady that was born & raised in Germany and was visiting here when she was a 63 yr old Grandma.
My Id has a pic of my Schatzi.
I have had 2 in my life.
A German Shepherd Dog and the other Australian Cattle Dog.



Schatz is german for

Schatz is german for sweatheart

In German, Schatzi is similar

In German, Schatzi is similar to the English version of darling or sweetheart.

Schatzie is German for

Schatzie is German for sweetheart!

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