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Male Dog Names

Well, you've done it! You've made that important addition to your family and gotten a new dog, congratulations! Your new friend could be a boy or a girl, a puppy or an older dog, or just about any of the many breeds available these days.

This page of the website deals with trying to list many of the fun, popular, famous, and unique names for male canine pets.....but there is no way we could cover them all! The possibilities are endless. We have, however, put together a list of over 600 free dog names for you to choose from, and hopefully there is enough information to get your imagination going.

Remember that when choosing a name for your pet, it could revolve around their personality, their appearance, or perhaps even the location you found your new family member. Most of the names on this page are for a boy, but many would work great for female dog names too. So keep the girls in mind as you browse through this list of suggestions..... and have fun! Woof!

List of Dog Names for Male Dog Names

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Alfie Bumble  
Allmighty Hank the Tank "Hankerton"  
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User Submitted Male Dog Names

Goofy Boomer 08.21.2016 For the dog name Boomer I have a brown lab, Australia shepherd, rottweiler mix. I got them from our local Area Humane Society and he was scrawny then and only a year or so old. But he grew to be a big goofy puppy. Even though he came with the name Cabo he would never answer or respond to that... More about Boomer
Brisco the hero dog 08.17.2016 For the dog name Brisco Brisco, is a peaceful,playful dog. A worrior. Great in battles. More about Brisco
Ewok 08.05.2016 For the dog name Wicket Wicket is an Ewok, a creature from one of the Star Wars original trilogy movies. He pretty much looks like a teddy bear but walks on two legs. My Wicket is a Maltese/Yorkie (Morkie) and as a puppy was a mixture of reddish brown and tan/cream coloring. A fluffy... More about Wicket
Celebrity Dog Names 08.05.2016 For the dog name Max We had just seen the movie "Max" prior to adopting our Max. The boys immediately decided that the new pup, thought to be a German Shepherd mix (DNA testing would prove that NO GSD blood was present, looked enough like the dog from the movie that "Max" would be the... More about Max
Paw Patrol 08.05.2016 For the dog name Chase Paw Patrol is a cartoon that features dogs in rescue roles (police, fireman, etc). They work together to help their community when in trouble. When we adopted Chase, a MinPin/Chihuahua, or when he adopted us, my then 4 year old son said he looked just like "Chase"... More about Chase
Robert Taylor, look out. 08.05.2016 For the dog name Taylor He, is an adorable Min pin. Two years old and a rescue. He chose his name. And it's quite a masculine one I must say. Fits him perfectly. He truly is a lot like the actor, Robert Taylor. More about Taylor
Fancy dog name 07.24.2016 For the dog name Roderick Sounds like a name for a posh dog. More about Roderick
He has the sweetest disposition however, oooo is he stubborn!!!!! 07.06.2016 For the dog name Wolfenstein This is a nickname my daughter gave to my dog (wolfgang) because he is so unruly!!!! He is a German Shepherd More about Wolfenstein
Pillow puppy pooch 07.06.2016 For the dog name wolfgang putz My dog is a putz!!!! and that is all there is to it, you would have to know him. He runs out the front door any chance he gets, He gives big slobber kisses to every kid's face, he jumps up on adults, and is sooooo happy to see everyone. He is in love with fake fur... More about wolfgang putz
Rock the rock finder 07.05.2016 For the dog name Rock Rocks a Rottweiler and when he was a puppy he found a rock in my vegtable garden and brought it to me! More about Rock
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