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Male Dog Names

Well, you've done it! You've made that important addition to your family and gotten a new dog, congratulations! Your new friend could be a boy or a girl, a puppy or an older dog, or just about any of the many breeds available these days.

This page of the website deals with trying to list many of the fun, popular, famous, and unique names for male canine pets.....but there is no way we could cover them all! The possibilities are endless. We have, however, put together a list of over 600 free dog names for you to choose from, and hopefully there is enough information to get your imagination going.

Remember that when choosing a name for your pet, it could revolve around their personality, their appearance, or perhaps even the location you found your new family member. Most of the names on this page are for a boy, but many would work great for female dog names too. So keep the girls in mind as you browse through this list of suggestions..... and have fun! Woof!

List of Dog Names for Male Dog Names

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Alfie Bumble  
Allmighty Hank the Tank "Hankerton"  
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User Submitted Male Dog Names

Keia and Koper 01.26.2015 For the dog name Keia and Koper I chose Keia because when we got our pug, she was so energetic and lively, but, doesn't mind us at all when we "ask" her what name we should pick. Then one day,I accidentally said "KEYA" while asking for keys in a lazy way, then she actually followed me ever since so... More about Keia and Koper
Lucky to have Blu 01.22.2015 For the dog name Lucky Blu Well when I first got the puppy he was little he was only three weeks old and I could figure out a good name for him so I kept think about it and I came up with Lucky Blu because I am lucky to have him and his color is blue so I figured those two together would be a... More about Lucky Blu
My protector 01.21.2015 For the dog name Prometheus Prometheus is a minpin blk/tan he looks like a miniature Doberman. Prometheus was the son of Zeus and was the God that protected man and gave man fire. Prometheus is tiny, but he is my protector! More about Prometheus
Our Pup Gilley 01.11.2015 For the dog name Gilley Gilley is a male German Shepherd. When he was a puppy he would buck like a bronco so we named him after the famous bar "Gilley's" (they were the firs to have mechanical bulls) from the movie Urban Cowboy. More about Gilley
Winchester 01.08.2015 For the dog name Winchester (Winnie) I love the CW show "Supernatural", and the two main character's last names are Winchester, so I thought, "Why not?" I usually say "Winnie" though. More about Winchester (Winnie)
Cisco, Flash's Sidekick 01.03.2015 For the dog name Cisco The Name CISCO is taken from the series, "The Flash" because of the genius character named Cisco. He is cute, funny, loyal, caring and of course very intellegent. He never leaves his mates behind amd a loving one. More about Cisco
Rinky, the X-ray puppy! 01.01.2015 For the dog name rinky Rinky is short Röntgen, who discovered X-rays. Since my boyfriend and I are both radiologic technologist, we found Röntgen to be fitting and call him Rinky for short :) More about rinky
A lurchers tail 12.31.2014 For the dog name Murdo Murdo is lurcher (cross greyhound mum, Bedlington terrier dad). He is black/ grey rough coated dog. He is a rescue dog we aquired in Scotland, hence the Scottish name Murdo (a diminutive form of Murdoch). More about Murdo
i have no story 12.26.2014 For the dog name keco its just a very nice name that I came up with More about keco
I found this name in a Japanese anime movie 12.14.2014 For the dog name sumo It is a really cute name for small dogs, kind of like a joke. More about sumo