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Unique Dog Names

What's fun about choosing a different or unusual name for your pet is that it adds that extra bit of individuality for each special furry friend in our lives. Each dog we share our lives with is unique, with thier own personality, and whether they are male or female, a pure breed or mixed breed, small or large, they deserve that extra special pet name.

To help you come up with something distinctive, we have tried to put together a long list of dog names that are unique, but we probably have missed some since names for pets can be as endless as your imagination. So perhaps some of the names we have listed here for your canine friend will spark an idea and you will have a perfect fit.

This is a good project for the family to get together on, and let the kids get involved too! Children sometimes have a knack for coming up with that unique pet name. So have fun, browse through the list on this page, and choose something you will be happy with for several years to come! 

OH - and by the way, if you want more unique and historical dog names, check our Doggie Blog. Every week we talk about a historical and unique dog name, and we often have antique photographs to go with it. It's really fun, so check it out too! 

List of dog Names for Unique Dog Names

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Aisha( eye-sha)  
Akaya (uhk-eye-uh)  
Al Fresco  
Al Poochino  
alise ( a-lease)  
Alley Cat  
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User Submitted Unique Dog Names

I feel like a kid again! 07.09.2016 For the dog name Eevee When I was a kid I baby-sat my cousins. They would get up every Sunday to watch Pokémon without fail. I inevitably was sucked into it as well. I spent all my babysitting money on a Gameboy Color just so I could play with them. My mother decided her new dog was a... More about Eevee
Tarbert 07.01.2016 For the dog name Tarbert of Argyll My male cairn terrier was named after the place where my grandmother was born. Tarbert is a little fishing village in the county of Argyll in Scotland. More about Tarbert of Argyll
Patti Cake 06.21.2016 For the dog name Patti Cake She got her name because she would clap her hands together. More about Patti Cake
a name with meaning 06.08.2016 For the dog name Keeper We named our Rottweiler Keeper after another rotti I knew as a child. Our keeper really does everything her name means. She is so amazing we can truly say this " one's a keeper!!" She is keeper of the family and the house as she works to keep us all safe. More about Keeper
Tia's Triumph Lehigh was born on 10.22.98 and passed away on 06.06.11 (here I am a middle age man and I cried for 2 days straight). Tia was a beautiful dog, she was a long-haired brown dachshund. 06.07.2016 For the dog name Tia's Triumpn Lehigh Tia's Triumph Lehigh was born on 10.22.98 and passed away on 06.06.11 (here I am a middle age man and I cried for 2 days straight). Tia was a beautiful dog, she was a long-haired brown dachshund. Tia was fun to play with, take walks and enjoyed riding in the car. One... More about Tia's Triumpn Lehigh
Our dog 05.30.2016 For the dog name Argo Argo is a minature lemon beagle, he was named Argo by a grand daughter before he even arrived. More about Argo
Browser 05.27.2016 For the dog name browser He is black with blonde eyebrows. His blond eyebrows are very prominent and he is a schnauzer, so I decided "Browser" was the best fit. Browser rhymes with Schnauzer and his eyeBROWS get included in the name. Perfect. More about browser
Pup with class 05.19.2016 For the dog name Royalty I recently got a puppy she's a lab mix and she acts like she is royal she won't go to the bathroom outside if the grass is wet and she looks like a royalty too More about Royalty
save the dog bless the neighbors 05.14.2016 For the dog name geeter because we rescued the dog from some meth addicts when he was just a puppy. some freinds came by and told us they had neighbors that had some lab puppys.when we call for our dog geeter the neighbors run inside or awnser.!!!!! More about geeter
favorite golf movie and bagger was true to game of golf and an angel 05.14.2016 For the dog name bagger vance after the movie Bagger Vance. Owner is a professional golfer as well More about bagger vance
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