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Unique Dog Names

What's fun about choosing a different or unusual name for your pet is that it adds that extra bit of individuality for each special furry friend in our lives. Each dog we share our lives with is unique, with thier own personality, and whether they are male or female, a pure breed or mixed breed, small or large, they deserve that extra special pet name.

To help you come up with something distinctive, we have tried to put together a long list of dog names that are unique, but we probably have missed some since names for pets can be as endless as your imagination. So perhaps some of the names we have listed here for your canine friend will spark an idea and you will have a perfect fit.

This is a good project for the family to get together on, and let the kids get involved too! Children sometimes have a knack for coming up with that unique pet name. So have fun, browse through the list on this page, and choose something you will be happy with for several years to come! 

OH - and by the way, if you want more unique and historical dog names, check our Doggie Blog. Every week we talk about a historical and unique dog name, and we often have antique photographs to go with it. It's really fun, so check it out too! 

List of dog Names for Unique Dog Names

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Aisha Vallopra  
Aisha( eye-sha)  
Akaya (uhk-eye-uh)  
Al Fresco  
Al Poochino  
alise ( a-lease)  
Alley Cat  
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User Submitted Unique Dog Names

Finley the French Bulldog 03.13.2017 For the dog name Finley My female French Bulldog born in 2016 I named Finley as it means little warrior. If you have or are familiar with the breed you know that they are small but mighty and that was the name I was searching for. After looking through thousands of names, Finley: Meaning:... More about Finley
Our Autumn 03.11.2017 For the dog name Autumn We named our dog Autumn because of her browns, blacks and gold colouring. She is so cute with her quirky ear. She lives up to her name as she is so calm, relaxed and laid back just like I think Autumn (season) is quite a relaxed season. Autumn is also my favourite... More about Autumn
Xodie name origin 03.03.2017 For the dog name Xodie Xodie is my dream agility dog, an Australian Shepherd. My previous agility dog was picked from a shopping cart of free puppies in front of a Walmart. I had gone into the Walmart while travelling to purchase a Red Hot Chili Peppers CD to listen to on my 3 hr drive home... More about Xodie
Flike, the Italian Movie Star 03.02.2017 For the dog name Flike In the 1953 Italian movie, "Umberto D", The main characters' dogs' name is "Flike". He is a Jack Russell Terrier. The movie is very famous, if you are into post-WWII, Italian, neorealism films, produced between 1943 and 1956. I have yet to find the meaning of the name... More about Flike
My favorite book from childhood 02.20.2017 For the dog name Rontu From the Book: Island of the blue dolphin. Native American mean "Fox Eyes" . Young Native American girl and her younger brother abandoned on an island . Wolves kill her brother and she shot the Alpha male with an arrow. She then is over come with compassion or... More about Rontu
Jedi-Dog Tricks 02.19.2017 For the dog name kenobi Kenobi or "Nobi", was named after Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi from the widely renowned Sci-Fi movie 'Star Wars'. Kenobi came to us as a puppy, and has grown up into our own little Jedi protector. We didn't adopt him for the sole purpose of guarding the house, but it... More about kenobi
My baby 02.12.2017 For the dog name August Its our anniversary More about August
Not ALL Gingers are created equal.... 02.11.2017 For the dog name Dracarys Originally used in GOT. Danaerys (another pups name), gave this order to her dragons. The Dog has red fire. Thus, DRACARYS....Draca, for short. More about Dracarys
The magnificent GrUmm 02.10.2017 For the dog name grimm We have a charcoal colored Labrador Retriever who we named "Grimm" Because it really fit him A dark hunter he's seriously fascinating an we had to find a name to fit his dark gun metal blue fur color, More about grimm
Yes, I'm named after a video game 02.03.2017 For the dog name Kazooie Ever hear of the video game Banjo-Kazooie? That's how this little guy got his name. We already had the Banjo (our 3yr old cockapoo) so his name came easily. More about Kazooie
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