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Unique Dog Names

What's fun about choosing a different or unusual name for your pet is that it adds that extra bit of individuality for each special furry friend in our lives. Each dog we share our lives with is unique, with thier own personality, and whether they are male or female, a pure breed or mixed breed, small or large, they deserve that extra special pet name.

To help you come up with something distinctive, we have tried to put together a long list of dog names that are unique, but we probably have missed some since names for pets can be as endless as your imagination. So perhaps some of the names we have listed here for your canine friend will spark an idea and you will have a perfect fit.

This is a good project for the family to get together on, and let the kids get involved too! Children sometimes have a knack for coming up with that unique pet name. So have fun, browse through the list on this page, and choose something you will be happy with for several years to come! 

OH - and by the way, if you want more unique and historical dog names, check our Doggie Blog. Every week we talk about a historical and unique dog name, and we often have antique photographs to go with it. It's really fun, so check it out too! 

List of dog Names for Unique Dog Names

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Barder Mienhoff  
Bark O'Bama  
Bark Obama  
Barks a lot  
Barktmus Prime  
Bauer Carson  
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User Submitted Unique Dog Names

loveable name 07.03.2015 For the dog name Xena Dean is a very nice name and I just love my dog because of its own beautiful name More about Xena
sheinee ray 06.29.2015 For the dog name sheinee I got her 4 my son he was around 5 I ask him baby what do u wanna name ur doggie He said he man n I replied son u have a little girl ,it's a she n he said he she she he ,oh I know mommy ,sheinee More about sheinee
What do you call your dog? 06.27.2015 For the dog name deogie Phonetic spelling for DOG. More about deogie
How I chose my dogs name.. 06.24.2015 For the dog name Zaf The way I came across the name 'Zaf' for my pup was through the Twilight movies. In the last film one of the characters is called 'Zafrina' and she lives in the amazon and is a hunter. So, with me working my dogs I needed something no one else on the shoot has as my... More about Zaf
My best friend 06.06.2015 For the dog name Bud I was ten years old when I adopted my dog from my local animal shelter. I decided when I got in the car her name would be Bud. The name Bud isn't really a name for a girl dog but I didn't care. She was my best friend. I named her Bud because she was my buddy,my friend... More about Bud
The last Juan 06.02.2015 For the dog name Pawdro He's Mexican and he has paws c: More about Pawdro
Our Cool Husky !! 05.29.2015 For the dog name Fleury is a Siberian husky named after The Fleury wine Company in Napa , Ca That my husband and I enjoyed visiting so much !!
My New Puppy 05.27.2015 For the dog name renesmee I had just gotten a new puppy and I had alot of the usual names to call dogs. But I wanted a unique human name which I thought of Renesmee. Alot of pet owners treat their pets as one of the family so why not have a human name. More about renesmee
Cutest 05.25.2015 For the dog name Seven She is my seventh dog :-) More about Seven
Our dog's name 05.11.2015 For the dog name maluke My husband came up with this name. Our dog was going to be called "Luke", and then turned into My Luke that led to Maluke. More about maluke