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Unique Dog Names

What's fun about choosing a different or unusual name for your pet is that it adds that extra bit of individuality for each special furry friend in our lives. Each dog we share our lives with is unique, with thier own personality, and whether they are male or female, a pure breed or mixed breed, small or large, they deserve that extra special pet name.

To help you come up with something distinctive, we have tried to put together a long list of dog names that are unique, but we probably have missed some since names for pets can be as endless as your imagination. So perhaps some of the names we have listed here for your canine friend will spark an idea and you will have a perfect fit.

This is a good project for the family to get together on, and let the kids get involved too! Children sometimes have a knack for coming up with that unique pet name. So have fun, browse through the list on this page, and choose something you will be happy with for several years to come! 

OH - and by the way, if you want more unique and historical dog names, check our Doggie Blog. Every week we talk about a historical and unique dog name, and we often have antique photographs to go with it. It's really fun, so check it out too! 

List of dog Names for Unique Dog Names

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User Submitted Unique Dog Names

Elan's story.. 07.18.2014 For the dog name Elan My cousin works for the safari ride at Disney. He was talking one day about the animals getting into a fight and he said "the eland was attacked by a water buck." Well I just loved that name! I was also at the time looking for names to name my baby girl puppy. So of... More about Elan
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to Buy A Collar For The Cat 07.15.2014 For the dog name Annie Nibblesox Annie was my very first dog. I'd never wanted a dog - until my husband (in a wheelchair) and I went into a pet store to get a flea collar for our cat. All the dogs were yapping except one with its head down. I took one look and started crying. People were giving... More about Annie Nibblesox
my lugnut 07.11.2014 For the dog name Lugnut My Rotty got his name before I got him, they said it was because he was so small as a puppy and it was like a lug nut next to a tire when he sat with his (massive) daddy. Now my kids affectionately call him "Rug Mutt" on occasion. More about Lugnut
Dogs are special too. 07.10.2014 For the dog name Nikoli Usually people may have shortened versions of their name for a nickname. We have done the opposite with our dog. Our Dog is Niko. His nicknames are Nikoli and Nikolitus. He thinks it's pretty cool. More about Nikoli
He loves jazz music 07.08.2014 For the dog name Jazz My dog is a male boxer. We named him Jazz when we got him because we were listening to jazz music and he was laying on the bed wagging his head back and forth. He fell asleep listening to the music. More about Jazz
the mask of zorra 07.08.2014 For the dog name Zorra My beagle dog, zorra, had a brown mask on her eyes so we named her Zorro but we put in the feminine law for Spanish and changed it to zorra. More about Zorra
Biblical names 07.07.2014 For the dog name Christian Somehow I have tended toward Biblical names.....When I named my first two dogs Noelle (we rescued her at Christmas time) and then I just loved the name Noah for my first first yellow lab male.....I decided to keep the trend along came Luke, Hannah, and... More about Christian
Juppie and the Red Spot 07.04.2014 For the dog name Jupiter When Jupiter (Juppie for short) was a really tiny puppy she had a big red patch of fur on her hip. We named her Jupiter for her red spot as the planet Jupiter has a distinctive red spot which is actually a great anti-cyclonic (high pressure) storm akin to a hurricane... More about Jupiter
Brisket the Adventure Dog 07.03.2014 For the dog name Brisket Originally, I named her Biscuit but that seemed too common of a dog's name. Wanting to be more original and not to confuse her I made an adjustment to Brisket. Furthermore, being one of the few dogs in the history of Hawaii to have visited the summit of Mauna Kea and... More about Brisket
Rooney girl with a boys name . 07.03.2014 For the dog name rooney My dog is a Boston terrier . She is a girl but named after the soccer player Wayne Rooney . People still think she is a boy even with a pink collar and we call her Rooney girl. More about rooney