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Big Dog Names

Bringing home a new dog is an important event in one's life. It signifies one's desire to have a companion, protector and friend. It also signifies one's desire be responsible for a canine's life. If you have chosen a large dog breed, you are certainly thinking about power and strength. It is just normal that you think of names that will do justice to your dog's bearing and appearance.

For many dog owners, the names that they have given their dogs often fit their pets to a "T" however there are those who realize too late that their dogs’ names give off wrong impressions. Although some may find it funny or unique to name your Labrador Retriever, Goliath, others may think otherwise.

In effect, the name that you will ultimately pick for your dog will certainly reflect how you view your relationship and what you are as a person. It can also be reflective of the behavior and physical appearance of your dog.

Whether you have a female or male large dog breed, you are surely thinking of a name which can do justice to the breed— their bearing, and dominance. Some are lucky enough to think of a name at the spur of a moment but there are lots of new dog owners who spent countless days and nights thinking and debating of the best name for their dog.

Oftentimes, many new dog owners make the mistake of picking out a name even before they have seen or spent time with the puppy. You need to get acquainted with your puppy, observe its behavior and unique characteristics. These facets of its personality will give you precious clues and ideas on the best name for your puppy.

If you are bringing home a puppy, don't be deceived by its cute cuddly appearance. In a few months, your little ball of fur will grow up into one big canine member of your pack. Will you be comfortable calling your 90-kilogram Bernese Mountain Dog "Pixie" or your Rottweiler "Twinkle"?

Many owners of large dog breeds often have two names for their dogs--one a formal name like "Master of the Isle" and a nickname that they can constantly use every day like "Brutus".

There are a lot of sources of inspiration when you are looking for a name to give your pet. Some may choose to name their dogs after large members of the animal kingdom like Moose or Hippo. There are also those who derive inspiration from their favorite heroes of mythology like Hercules or Spartacus. Still others get inspiration from places and geography like Sahara, Ocean, or Mountain.

Dog owners also name their large dog breeds after "big" or "giant people" like Sumo, Goliath, or Wrestler. Cartoon characters are also all-time favorites---Jumbo, Tarzan, or Hulk. Movies and soaps are no exception. What can you say about Godzilla, Bubba, Dumbo or Megamind?

Whatever name you pick out, be sure to keep it simple. You don't want your dog to be confused when you call out "Hero of the Isle" or "Ghost Hunter". The best picks are usually made up of one or two syllables which can easily be called out and one that your pet can easily recognize as its own.

Never chose a name that rhymes with commonly used commands like "stay" or "go". It can create confusion when you call him "Gray" and he thinks you're asking him to "stay". You will surely have a hard time during basic obedience training.

If you have the patience to wait awhile and get to know your dog first before picking out a name, you will find that it will be rewarding in the end. You will finally find a name that will do justice to your dog's size, breed, behavior and physical attributes.

If you are bringing home a puppy to your family, picking out a name should be a family affair. This will be a great way to bond and let the creative juices of each family member flow. You will find that some of you may come up with the most common names while others come up with ingenuous and unique names. Once you have your list, it is good to get the consensus of the family. That way, everyone will feel that each one of you is responsible for taking care of the newest addition to the pack.

List of dog Names for Big Dog Names

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a mr.fatttttt boy fat guy all around the fat city mc fat nuggett and buiscut  
aaaaaflying doughball-  
Ace (the Bathound)  
Aisha Vallopra  
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