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Top Dog Names

Words have meaning and names have power. ~Author Unknown

The canine world has been swamped with lots of human names. In fact, the most popular dog names include Max, Molly, and Lucy—all people names. Perhaps, giving dogs people names is just a trend, but it surely reflects how people look at their pooches—not just as pets but as members of the family.
What’s in a name? Long ago, people believed that giving their children names like Bliss and Grace will help them mold to be manifestations of their names. This belief is based on the notion that a person’s name can influence his behavior and his self-perception.

How about pets? Can this concept be applied to naming your dog? Do you think naming your dog Assassin or Slayer will make your dog grow up to be one vicious dog? How would you feel petting and playing with a dog named Killer or Bully? Is it the same as petting Cuddles or Maggie?
Choosing the right name for your dog is indeed a crucial part in the owner-pet bonding process. Aside from showing off your creativity, your dog’s name should try to reflect your dog’s nature.
A considerable number of top dog names today are human names. Max consistently tops the list of male dog names while Molly is the top female dog name. The top dog names for male dogs also include Buddy, Jake, Bailey, Rocky, Charlie and Jack. For top female dog names Bella, Lucy, Maggie, Daisy, Sadie, and Chloe tops the list.

Aside from human names, the age-old way of naming dogs based on their personality or appearance has not been lost. Many pet owners still love traditional dog names such as Lady, Patches, or Buster—names that already give one a peek on the dog’s character.

There are other sources of inspiration for dog names. Movies and television, music, art and literature, provide a rich source of names for dogs around the world. Marley and Shiloh are dog names from popular movies while Mozart and Elvis are great names in music. How about Gucci and Chanel from the fashion world and Zeus or Venus from the classics?

One of the best advices to take when naming your dog is to adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Getting to know your puppy for a few days will let you see a part of his personality or behavior that you will not see while the puppy was still in the kennel or on the day you brought him home.

Although there is a long list of top dog names, you can still get choose to give your dog a name that will fit him to a T. Here are some tips to keep in mind when naming your dogs—

1. The name should be easy to say. A one- to two-syllable name is better than names with three or more syllables. Compare the difference between Spotty and Periwinkle.

2. Get one that ends with a vowel sound such as Tiny or Cookie, BUT NOT one that rhymes with standard commands like Moe or Toe which sounds like “no”.

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