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Small Dog Names

Now that you’ve got the cutest little dog in town, you are surely thinking what would be the best name for it. Small dog breeds are cuddly bundles of joy. Their diminutive sizes belie a big attitude that can push them to take on dogs bigger than themselves. They can also bark up a storm as if there is no tomorrow.

One of the most common inspirations in naming dogs is their appearance. Naming a small dog is quite an easy task because the first factor that is often taken into consideration is its size. You will never fear that if you give your cute cuddly puppy a name that reflects its present size, it will outgrow its name once it grows into adulthood.

Most little dog breeds end up with cute names like “Buttercup”, “Tinkerbell”, “Keiki”, or “Mei-Mei”. However, some dog owners may think that these pretty names will never do justice to the fiery spirits of their adorable fireballs.

Small dogs possess interesting but equally endearing qualities. They are extremely loyal with a highly spirited spunk that can steal everyone’s hearts. Thus, if you are still thinking of what to name your small dog, you will now unearth a treasure trove of the greatest small dog names. These names will best reflect their diminutive sizes and big dog attitudes.

Tough-sounding names are not only for big brawny dogs. Anybody can get a kick out of a Toy Poodle named “Hercules” or a Chihuahua named “Brutus”. If you want your dog’s name to be fun and full of intimidation, why not go for dog names that sound big and menacing like “Rambo”, “Zeus”, “Bruno”, “King Kong”, “Sumo”, or “Matilda”. If you want more intimidating names, go to the next level and name your dog “Blutto”, “Achilles”, “Godzilla”, “Gladiator” or “Rajah”. Beware though because not all people will find these names for small dogs quite amusing.

If you are not up to these big dog names for small dogs, there are lots of unique names that will fit your small dog to a perfect “T”. Here are some of the cutest names for the cutest dogs on the planet—Daisy, Kibbles, Pixie, Bonsai, Tiny, Midge, Elf, and Squirt.

If you are still looking for more sources of inspiration, why not consider your dog’s gender. This can eventually help you narrow down your choices. Some of the coolest names for little male dogs include Gnome, Pip or Poco while names for little female dogs include Minnie, Tiny, or Wispy.

When you first brought home your puppy, you might be amazed that everybody in the family has their own name suggestions for your small dog. It is said that “more heads are better than one” and this is indeed true when you are looking for the best name for your small dog. It’s good to know that everybody’s interested to give a name to the newest addition of the pack. The more suggestions you have, the better will be the chances of picking the best name for your pooch.

Different small dog breeds display certain peculiar personalities that can be a source of inspiration when looking out for the best names. Perhaps you can relate your dog’s personality to a “Nipper”, a “Button”, or a “Mite”. Other names for dogs with peculiar personalities include “Stumpy”, “Shorty”, or “Slim”.
The movies and television are also great sourcea of inspiration for unique names for small dogs. Do you remember “Pippin” one of the Hobbits in the movie Lord of the Rings? In spite of his small size, he was able to help save the world.

You can also name your dog after your favorite celebrities. How does Tom, Jolie, Miley or Taylor sound to you?
Whatever name you finally pick for your small dog, remember that they are a creature of habit. Once you have used the name even for more than a few weeks, you will have a hard time changing it. When you choose to call your dog by another name, it will only result in confusion.

Indeed your cute ball of fur will soon become a fiery fireball and what better way to give him the honor it deserves than to give him a name worthy of its size and attitude.

List of dog Names for Small Dog Names

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Double and Trouble  
Mr. Biscuit  
aaaaaflying doughball-  
Aisha Vallopra  
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