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White Dog Names

White is one of the most common color of canine coats and many dog owners might think that finding a fitting name for their white dog is as easy as counting 1,2,3. Of course it would be easy if you just name your dog White or Whitey. But don’t you think it would be great if you can seek out a name that will give justice to his looks and personality? If you have a white dog, it is certainly desirable to give it a name that you will be proud to call out in public and one that will surely stick out.

There are many sources of inspiration from which you can derive a unique white dog name. From all-time movie and TV favorites to books and comic strips, there are lots of white dog names to be found. Nature and geography are also rich sources of inspiration. The color white certainly abounds everywhere and you will never run out of inspiration and ideas.

It’s better to have a list of your favorite white dog names and narrow them down until you have the best one for your dog. If you can’t really decide, let your dog do it. Try rolling each name and call them out one by one. If he responds well to one, then go for it.

Many breeds of dogs have predominantly white coats. Some of them may be tainted with some spots of gray and silver that only adds more character and personality to their appearance. Some of the most popular dog breeds which are for the most part white in color include the Alaskan Malamute, Poodle, Bulldog, Chihuahua, American Eskimo dog, and Maltese. There are also dog breeds which contain a mixture of several colors with white as the dominant hair coat color. These breeds include the Beagle, Dalmatian, Jack Russell Terrier, Boxer, and Staffordshire Terrier.

Since naming your dog “White” can be uninteresting and lackluster, you can give it an exotic flavor by looking at the translation. For example, “white” is Blanca (Spanish), Bianca (Italian), Blanche (French), Albus (Latin), Gaenor (Welsch), Arjun (Indian), Skah (Native American), and Gauri (Sanskrit). These are unique dog names that mean white. If you pick out any of these names for your dog, it would definitely pique everyone’s interest and curiosity. A unique good name is certainly an interesting conversation starter.

You can also choose to find variations of these exotic names. For example, variations for Blanca which means ‘white” in Spanish may include Blanka, Bellanca, Byanca, or Blanco and Bianco for a white male dog.
Sometimes the presence of small amounts of pigmentation can turn an all-white fur coat to a creamy one. If this is true to your dog, you can pick a name that reflects your dog’s creamy white coat like Vanilla, Creamo, or Creamy.

If you choose to derive inspiration from nature, the first thing that comes into mind is light which we often perceive as being white and clear. If you research Sanskrit names that mean light you will come up with Jyoti, Shri, and Deepika. Other unique exotic names that mean light include Ora (Hebrew), Svetlana (Russian), Luz (Spanish), and Nellie (Greek). You can go a step further by coming up variations of these exotic words that mean light—Lucio, Lucia, Lucille, Lucien, or Lucius.

When we see white, one of the best things to come into mind are mornings when you wake up to see the surroundings all blanketed with snow. Thus “Snow” is an all-time favorite white dog name. For a twist, you can name your white dog after picturesque snowy places like Alaska, Aspen or North Pole. You can also add a foreign flavor by picking out translation of the word “snow” such as “Yuki” (Japanese), “Nieve” (Spanish), Yepa (Native American).

Other sources of inspiration include ice and words that relate to ice like “Ice Berg” and “Slush”.
Oftentimes we relate the word “white” with something soft and fluffy like “Cotton”, “Cloud”, “Fluffy”, and “Misty”.

When you are brainstorming on the most unique name for your white dog, you will find that there are a variety of sources from which you can derive unique insights and motivation. From the Latin word “Candido or Candida” that means pure or white to “Gavin” which means “white falcon”, there is an endless supply of white dog names that you can choose from. All you need is a spark that will trigger your imagination and pick out the best name for your white pooch.

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