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Fun Dog Names

Bringing home a puppy is a momentous event for the whole family. What adds more to the fun and excitement is picking out a name that will fit the newest member of the pack.

It's not just a name. It will be your dog's name. Your dog will carry it all his life--he will answer to it and know that it is his.

Some can easily pick out names for their dogs while others can lose sleep thinking of names and trying to find what name will really fit the latest addition to the family.

Yet it is a fact that there is a rich fountain of inspiration for dog names. Whatever is your dog's appearance, breed, male or female, you can never run out of names. Among the piles and lists of dog names, you will certainly find one that your dog will certainly be at home with.

If you are a fun and outgoing person, you will surely pick out a name that will say something about your personality, how you perceive your dog, and the bond that binds you together.

There are a lot of fun dog names that you can find online. Some are more common than others. Yet, these names speak of bubbly personalities, light-hearted souls, and tons of humor.

There are dog owners who regret picking out a name even before seeing the puppy or spending some time with it. Oftentimes, it is good to get to know your puppy first because his behavior, appearance and disposition will provide useful clues for you.

It's perfectly alright if your puppy spends the first few days in your home without a name. Although it is relatively a simple exercise, your dog's name will stay with him for the rest of his life. Be patient and you will eventually be pleased with the name that you will finally pick for him.

Aside from going online and searching for fun dog names, there are various sources to help you find the best name. You may have a long and difficult time, but it will be worth the time and patience.

Many dog owners derive inspiration from books, movies, objects, people, and even animals. Some name them after popular products, flowers, or heavenly bodies. Some would choose the most unique-sounding names—the more unique, the better— while others choose to name their dogs after the most mundane things in life.
There is no rigid set of rules to follow when naming dogs. Although some will choose to play it safe, others will go for flamboyance and uniqueness.

If you are having a hard time in picking out a fun dog name, here are a few tips to get you on your way—
1. Observe your dog's appearance and personality. Your dog's size, color, and disposition can provide you with ideas for the best dog name. A Labrador retriever that appears to be perpetually smiling can be called Happy, while a Rottweiler can be called “Knight”.

2. Pick a name that you and your dog can easily remember. The best fun dog name consists of only one or two syllables. Never get long names for you will have a hard time calling it out loud while your dog will also be confused with its name. Stay away from dog names that rhyme with commonly used commands like “sit” or “stay”.

3. Go the path less travelled and get a unique name. The dog park will be full of dogs named Bo, Max, or Buddy. Be creative, use your imagination. Say the name several times and see whether you are comfortable with it.

4. Go online. Some of the best dog names are online just waiting to be discovered. Most sites with a long list of suggested dog names often include their meanings and origin. Wouldn’t it be great to know what your dog’s name really means and where it comes from?

5. Ask for help from family and friends. Make it a team effort. It will be more fun and fulfilling.

6. Choose wholesome names that you will not be afraid to call out in public. Don’t end up with a name you will only mumble when someone asks for your dog’s name because you are ashamed of it. Bear in mind that you will be calling out your dog’s name for its entire lifetime.

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