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Cool Dog Names

Being cool is when you’re in with the flow of trends and fashion. At times, being cool will also mean being unique and able to stand out in a crowd.
A dog’s name is never immune to the latest trends. If you are looking for coolest dog names in the world, you will surely be thinking for names that will reflect your personality, your dog’s character, and the bond that binds you both together.

Wouldn’t it be great if you call out your dog in the park or somebody asks you your dog’s name and they’d exclaim “that’s a cool dog name!”?
Many dog owners are lucky enough to have the coolest dog names pop up in their minds at the right time. And there are those who need to search every known source and spend hours just thinking of the best name for their dog.
Spending time with your dog will help you pick out the best name for him. His appearance, behavior, and quirky personality can provide you clues and lots of unique ideas for its name.

If you haven’t made up your mind on the coolest dog name for your canine friend, here are a few tips which can be useful to you—

  • Dog names should never rhyme with words like “sit”, “down”, or “stay”. These are basic commands and if your dog’s name sounds similar to these words, it might confuse him.
  • A dog’s name should be something it can grow old with. There are dog names that fit only little puppies while there are names that may do well only with adult dogs. Pick out a dog’s name which he cannot outgrow.
  • What will you do if you name your dog Pete after your friend and he hears you calling your dog in the park? Wouldn’t that place you in an awkward position? Although some may be pleased, some may take it as an insult.
  • The world of sports is a haven of cool dog names. You can name your dog after your favorite team, sport, or personality. What do you think about “Deuce”, “Volley”, “Base”, “Rodman”, “Tiger”, or “Shaq”?
  • Classic names from age-old mythology can also become cool dog names like “Zeus”, “Helena”, “Diana” or “Shiva”.
  • Nature is also a rich source of unique dog names. Names like “Storm”, “Tide”, “Snow”, “Mist”, or “Thunder” will speak volumes of your dog’s behavior and personality.
  • Your dog’s name can also have a special meaning to you. Think about your favorite vacation spots (“Bahamas”), book or movie hero (Thor) or heroine (Bella), food (Nacho), flower (rose), or thing (diamond). It will certainly be more meaningful to you if your dog’s name echoes something significant in your life.
  • Do you know that names of common spices, herbs, seasonings and condiments can add spice to both of your lives? Do you think the following dog names are cool—Pepper, Cinnamon, Fennel, Anise, or Chicory?
  • Solicit help from the whole family. Make it a family affair. After all, your dog is now a part of the household. The more people are involved in thinking and picking out the coolest dog names, the better will be the variety. It will also not be so hard to pick out the right one for you will have the consensus of the group.
  • Cool dog names often ooze zest and enthusiasm. It will reveal a side of you that dwells on the extraordinary. It will also make your dog stand out in the crowd.
    Don’t let your dog be part of the statistics by having the most common name you can find. Give your dog’s name some spice and oooomph. Never let him go through life with a dull name. Others may question your wisdom but more dog owners will be amazed and will complement you on your originality.
    After all the effort you put into finding the coolest name for your dog, you will be surprised to find that your dog will absolutely live up to its name. It is for this reason that you should think a dozen times if your puppy’s name will be a term of endearment and reflects the love and affection that you and your dog share together.

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