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Boy Dog Names

Choosing the right name that will fit your male dog is a very important aspect in a dog owner’s decision to bring home a puppy. Having a dog is a lifetime commitment thus your dog’s name should echo the bond of friendship that binds both of you.

There are several important factors that a dog owner should take into consideration in order to make the best choice. Here are some tips that you should bear in mind:

  • Pick a name with only one or two syllables. Aside from being easy to say, your dog can easily understand and hear it even from across the dog park. Will you be comfortable calling out Buffalo Bill or General Lee in public
  • A dog’s name should never sound like common commands. Bo can be mistaken for the command “no” while Ray can sound like “stay”. This can create confusion for your dog and can be a hindrance in his training.
  • Boy dog names that contain hard consonants such as “d, k, or t” are much easier to heed. Some common examples of boy dog names include Target, Douglas, and Kirby.
  • Get a name that you won’t be embarrassed to use in public. Would you be comfortable calling your dog Stinky or Humper? How about Uga or Bertollini?

There are many sources of inspirations for boy dog names. These include the following—

  • Country of Origin: German shepherds can be name Johann while and Old English Sheepdogs can be named Becker.
  • Type and color of the dog’s coat: A male black Labrador retriever can be called Midnight while a white Poodle can be called Polar.
  • Purpose of the dog: Buster is a good name for a bomb-sniffing dog while a good hunting dog can be called Algon, derived from the name of a great mythical hunter.
  • Arts and Literature: Cujo, a name from one of Stephen King’s books, is a popular boy dog name. Zeus and Orion are also top picks inspired by literature.
  • Movies and Television: Popular boy dog names from movies and television include Shiloh and Riggs. Elvis and Rooney are also popular names of high profile celebrities.
  • Popular dog names in other countries: Aside from the United States, other countries have also picked up the current trend in naming their dogs. Australia’s most popular boy dog names include Zack and Oscar; France has Napoleon and Bonaparte; Spain has Bruno and Fidel; Italy has Dante and Claudio; UK boy dog names include Piper and Pip.
  • Royalty: Favorite boy dog names derived from well-known and well-loved royalty include Henry, Arthur, and Charles.

Being able to come up with a list of possible boy dog names to choose from will help you through the crucial process of selecting the best one. Be sure that both you and your family agree on your dog’s name. When you have finally arrived at a decision, remember that it is doubly difficult to change your dog’s name once your dog has gotten used to it. This will only add to his confusion.
Picking out the best name for your dog will demand time and effort, but the result will certainly be worth all your endeavors.

List of dog Names for Boy Dog Names

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