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Hunting Dog Names

Hunting dogs are generally considered a notch higher than other dogs because most of them are officially registered. They have pedigree papers that show their lineage including their stud records.

Since hunting dogs oftentimes are entered in dog shows by their master, they are registered using their original name and a part of their parents’ or grandparents’ names. This is usually done to show their owners’ pride on their dog’s pedigree.

When naming hunting dogs, the tradition usually involves giving a puppy their fathers’ and grandfathers’ names while the female pups are given their mothers’ and grandmothers’ names. This system of naming hunting dogs will ensure that a dog’s lineage will be carried on for several generations.

It is for these reasons that hunting dog names should not be taken lightly and should not just be another name from the list of most common dog names. It should reflect a hunting dog’s royal lineage, its personality, and its niche in the canine kingdom.

Most owners of hunting dogs do not call their hunting dogs by their registered names because it can be quite long. Thus, you need to find a nickname for your pet. If you are still wondering what nickname to give your dog, here are some of the best tips to help you—

  • If your hunting dog has been registered, you can get lots of unique ideas from its registered name. Many dog owners use a part of their dog’s complete name as a nickname.
  • For more fantastic ideas, why not ask the whole family to think and come up with a list of suitable names for your dog? It will be a great bonding moment for your family and everyone will feel that they are responsible for your pet.
  • Once you have a list of the best dog names that you can think of, try calling out each name and see if it appeals to everyone. Do you know that you can also ask your dog if he likes the sound of his name? When you call out each name, observe your dog’s reaction. If you can get his attention by calling out a specific name from your list, your dog may like that name and recognize it as his.
  • If you’re bringing home an older hunting dog which has already been registered or has already been given a nickname, giving it a new nickname can be confusing for him and you might find that he will fail to respond to its new name. Some owners find success when changing a given name to a similar sounding one like “Moxia” to “Ricksha” or “Badok” to “Poke”. It’s not advisable to give him a totally different-sounding name for your dog might have a hard time responding to it.
  • Some hunting dog owners gain inspiration from the type of work or activity that their dogs engage in. A dog named “Drake” is usually named after male ducks which are hunted. Other cool hunting dog names include “Bullet”, “Admiral”, “General”, or “Jet”.
  • Since hunting dogs are very sensitive to commands, never pick out a name that rhymes or has a similar-sounding name with commonly used commands. This might confuse your dog and interfere in his duties as a hunting good.
  • The best names for dogs are composed of one or two syllables. It has been observed that they respond better to these names.
  • Give your puppy the respect it deserves—give him a wholesome name that will echo his personality, his breed, and his purpose. It should be a name that you will be proud to call out in public places where everyone can hear. Take note, people will likely react to your dog’s name and you don’t want to be embarrassed or put in the spot if you name him “Killer” or “Demon”.
  • Your hunting dog may remind you of your favorite personalities, celebrities, or heroes and heroines of movies and books.
  • Whatever name you come up with, let your dog’s names speak of its prowess and its hunting skills. A dog’s name will speak volumes about you, your dog, and the bond of friendship that ties the two of you together.

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