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Funny Dog Names

Having a new puppy means looking for a name worthy of the newest addition to the family. Although the current trend in naming dogs is using human names, there are dog owners who choose to veer away from the trend and pick funny dog names for their pooch. Although your dog won’t be able to appreciate it as much as the people who will know your dog, this is an ingenuous way to portray a dog owner’s creativity and sense of humor.

The age-old partnership between dog and man has been defined by specific trends that are influenced by how people perceive their pets. In the past, a distinct line separates man and his pet. It was more of a master-follower relationship. At present, more and more people pick human names for their dogs to reflect how a dog owner values his relationship with his pet and how pets have become integral parts of the family.

It is said that the name you choose for your dog speak so much about you, your dog, and the bond of friendship and loyalty that binds both of you. Most happy and outgoing dog owners are known for coming up with funny dog names that will perfectly suit their dogs.
Different breeds of dogs also display distinct difference in their features and personalities which may provide inspiration for their owners to come up with funny dog names. Suffice to say, picking out a funny name for your dog is not to underestimate or make fun of him rather, it reveals your good sense of wit and imagination.

If you have just brought home a puppy and are still looking for great ideas for a funny dog name, you will find that there are lists of funny dog names tailor-made for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Some of the best in the list of funny dog names include “hotdog”, “smooch”, “Doogie Schnauzer MD””dogzilla”, and “barkley”.

Funny dog names derive inspiration from various subjects—movies, people, food, celebrities, etc. Oftentimes, there are so many funny dog names that stand out and you have a hard time selecting which one will really fit your dog. Here are some tips that will help you narrow down your choices until you finally select the best. Remember, once your dog gets to know his name, there’s no turning back, you can’t change his name for it will only add confusion.

Even though how funny it may seem to you, naming your dog after a close friend or neighbor should be avoided if you don’t want to hurt feelings or be put on a spot. What will you do if you call for your dog and your neighbor also comes out to see why you’re calling him?

The best dog names end with a long e sound. Aside from being easier to say, most do not rhyme with any of the words used with training commands. “Coco might be confused with “no” while “Sketch” may be confused with fetch. Oftentimes, a dog may have a hard time during training because of the confusion created by their names and similar-sounding commands.

List of dog Names for Funny Dog Names

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