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Cute Dog Names

One of the best things about being a new dog owner is picking out a name for the newest addition to your family. There are so many dog names to choose from that you will certainly have a hard time weeding out the best one that will fit your dog perfectly.

Although there are no distinct rules that should be followed when choosing dog names, there are many tips which can be used as guides to help a dog owner decide on which dog name to use.
Puppies are always cute and endearing and most new puppy owners easily think of cute dog names to match. Beware though in giving a cute dog name to a puppy which will grow to a hundred pound St. Bernard or an eighty-pound Bernese Mountain Dog. Would you be comfortable calling these giants cute dog names like “Cutipie” or “Angel”?

For many dog owners, it is much more fulfilling to give cute dog names to small and medium-size dog breeds. The most common cute dog names include Amber, Beans, Bebe, Cookie, Cupid, and Fly.
Although there are many lists of cute dog names which can be easily accessed online, many dog owners still look for unique cute dog names that will be appropriate for their cute dog. If you are on the lookout for cute dog names which are not common, there are many sources of inspiration to choose from. Fashion icons, celebrities, colors, countries, nature, celestial bodies, and even food can be excellent sources of ideas for cute dog names.

There are dog owners who choose to give names of fashion icons like Gucci and Hermes while there are those who name their dogs after well-loved child celebrities Shiloh or Suri. Cute dog names derived from colors include Silver, Red, and Gold. Unique dog names derived from nature and celestial bodies include Venus, Snow, and Rose. Cute dog names derived from food include Candy, Pepper, Cookie, Cupcake, and Custard.

Even with lots of cute dog names to choose from, there are tips which can help a dog owner narrow down his choices and pick out the best one.

  1. Pick out a name that starts with a hard consonant such as “t, k, or p”. This is especially true if you are planning to participate in competitive activities.
  2. If you have two or three dogs in your home, try to pick names that start with different letters.
  3. Get cute dog names with only one or two syllables. Aside from being easy to say, it can also avoid confusion. If you really want a longer name, like Sailor Moon, have a nickname that you can use during training or when calling your dog.
  4. Choose names that don’t rhyme with common commands. Bo will sound like “no” while Gray will sound like “stay”.
  5. Pick a name that you will never be embarrassed to call out in public. Will you be comfortable calling out Monster or Copernicus in the dog park?

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